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Freshman class. Tony says he’s at the very top of the right side of the W, by the tuba’s (I can’t prove it, but I believe him)

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On their own

This is it, a quick trip to the bookstore, goodbye hugs…and the parents are gone (puff). It’s so surreal….

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A stroll

Depressed Dogs need more exercise! Keeping their doggie minds off all the emotions in our house this week

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Fort Collins Steak Dinner

Tucker’s Mom, Tucker, Tony and Hubba went out for a nice steak dinner after setting up the boys rooms. They originally wanted to watch the mcgregor fight but they couldn’t find a sports bar that had it (with room) so a nice steak dinner will do!

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Dorm decorating

Football started for Nick and Joe so we didn’t go to move-in day. Dad FaceTimed so I could feel like a part of this very exciting event. Tony did and great job setting up his room. He didn’t even mind that I went throw pillow crazy!

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Packed and Goodbyes

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you.
Until we meet again!

Goodbyes were tough, I tried my best to not cry, until AFTER he left. How weird that Tony won’t be an everyday parent of our family. I hope we did ok…I hope he’ll find his way…

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Newport Football kick off night

Joe’s first kickoff night he’s a freshman baby!!and Nick’s third but first on the newly remodeled stadium

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Puppy doesn’t like packing

Guilt, cuteness….just stop packing nobody that lives HERE goes anywhere!

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Schedules received

They were hoping school was cancelled this year to do the high levels on boredom produced by one grown-up over an hour and a half class…these schedules confirm just the opposite, they have shook all the fun out of themselves this summer and the teachers are fully stocked up on new levels of boredom never before witnessed by high school students!!! The inhumanity of it all!!!

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Saying his goodbyes

Tony has been running around town saying his goodbyes…a mix of excitement and sadness in those eyes, oh and get out of here mother you annoy me, that’s in his eyes too!

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