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Nick was hoping to see wolves and Buffalo at the Park, so we got up really early left Moran for Yellowstone, and spent a good part of our day there. We saw Buffalo but we weren’t early enough to catch a peek at wolves. We checked out Old Faithful, Lower Geyser Basin, the Hayden Valley (where the Buffalo roam, and one moose)and more things that I can’t even remember the name of right now!


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Heading up

Day Four, we headed up to see what we could see! We stopped in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and look at the shops and ate lunch, then over to check out the Tetons on the way to are next stop, Moran. The Cabin was cozy and cute. We played cards and rested our travel’ n bones.

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Woke up, packed up, and cowboyed up! We looked around the campus of the University of Wyoming, snooped around town and then headed to Medicine Bow to check it out, then we had a great meal and Tony ate his weight in dessert after which we headed to Rock Springs to sleep. We saw deer and geese and google maps tried to take us on what appeared to be a private gravel road to a freeway entrance, we decided to not to(lol)

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Utah to Wyoming

Listened to a Vince Flynn novel, stopped at a Rock shop and Joe stocked up, as he is an avid collector. The drive was long but beautiful.

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Road Trip, Summer 2017

We headed the gigantic white rental van in the direction of the Mountain West for a bit of adventure! The second Joe Pickett book blaring out of the speakers and Hubba sailed the land boat toward our first stop, Kanab, Utah….it looked like a scene drawn by landscape animatiors of the movie cars….amazing!

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Tony and another Police Explorer shared with the Teen Academy what police explorers was all about. It was his last volunteer activity as an explorer before leaving for college and he was happy to finish explorers by sharing with others what a great program it is!


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We used to call these sleepovers, but there is no sleep! They gamed and laughted and gamed and laughed and were grumpy surly teens the next day as a thanks!! (Good times)

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Honoring a Scout Master

Headed to George Wu’s funeral, this will be the last time all three are in their Boy Scout uniforms so I snapped a shot. It was an emotional service for the boys in Troop 37, George was very active. A congressman spoke, George would have been honored by how well the Boys Scouts handled themselves

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Sometimes I wake up to

A younger, hairy, four legged version of my husband!!! Puppy is all cuddled up on Hubba’s pillow…Hubba? MIA! Buster and I will wait right here so he doesn’t have to hunt us down…. we are thinkers me and this lazy dog!

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Drawing near the end


Tony and his coworker are walking to their cars after a shift. Summer is flying by… Tony asked me to drive him to work and pick him up today. I was happy to do it, as I am getting sentimental about the end of this Chapter of his life…

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