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Last Field Studies trip

Tony comes home from his very last science trip tomorrow, I’m sad it’s the end of some seriously great experiences, but happy ┬áhe enjoyed every one of them!

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Newport Freshman

Joe’s First day at Football summer camp, my last freshman….I’m going to enjoy the heck out of all of it! Even the stinky, sweaty, grumpy pick-ups

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Aunt Char and Robin came down from Northern California to celebrate graduations!!! Aunt Char loves to shop so for the rest of the time she was here, we shopped!! Had a great time.They left today, I’m super happy I got to spend time with them.

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Celebrating the Grad

Had a lot of laughs and fun celebrating Tony, just a regular ol
Sunday night dinner but with cake, gifts and a special guests (Aunt Robin and Aunt Char!!)

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Grad Night

After graduation it’s time for a little Grad Night! Great theme, Tony came home with bright red hair and a story of bonking someone square in the nose(he wasn’t mad, it was a bonking game)


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Class of 2017

Senior year has been all about friendships these pictures are the folks he has been hanging out with the most! It’s been amazing watching Tony navigate high school!

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Joe Graduate

He laughed. Hubba was taking pictures near the line of kids waiting for their name to be called and as joe came into view hubba saw Joe and the four guys around him cracking up. Joe was entertaining anyone in earshot, that my friends was Joe in middle school

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Candy Leis

Candy Leis for middle school graduation, money leis for high school. That’s the rule, well…it’s MY rule. Stayed up until 2am making leis, this being my favorite!


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Wyoming quilt

Ohh Auntie!!! You nailed it. Tony’s graduation gift from Auntie was just beautiful. She didn’t want to steal the graduation show so she gave it to him a week early! What a great gift!!

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Sunday night game’n

So a Mother’s Day present that keeps on giving! Jimmy, Joe, and I playing a board game from my childhood. My cousins and I used to play this game at my Papa’s house. I still love it (even when Joe tries to cheat)


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