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School days left until summer, not that the three very sleepy teenage boys are counting…..but they sure are going to be happy when I announce after school today, it’s now only 45!

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Hippity hop


Easter! Breakfast cinnamon roll bunnies, and so much more. Then we headed outside for some Easter Egg collection, some shenanigans this year the money was stolen out of eggs! Easter thugs!!( aka brotherly love)

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The Day before Easter

IMG_4153The boys and Hubba made their final spring break stop at the home of Tony’s cousin in Clovis, Ca. Joe Ziplined, the got up close with some alpacas, enjoyed the company of some relatives, and headed home to the dogs and me!

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Spring break + Birthday= Vegas Baby!!

Joe did it his way, from an all you can eat breakfast buffet to an avengers museum, m&m store, and then relaxing in a suite! It’s good to be the birthday boy!!

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Wait up


Tony is just two days behind the spring break fun trip! He worked Monday and Wednesday so his vacation starts now!


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U of U tour

So it’s time for Nick to explore some college options. He was very impressed with this campus and all that the school has to offer. I’d Say visiting was an excellent idea, as it really gave him some perspective! Joe dig it too!

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Views from the road

A travel day, views from roadside attractions! Lots of books on tape, texting mom for the roadways, and laughs

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The journey begins


So first a quick quick stop to say hi to Nana and give her some Easter wine, then off on an adventure!



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