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Saturday IS a Funday too!

We had a very mellow Saturday, Tony’s cousin Paul, his wife Tracy, and her Mom and his boyfriend stopped by on their way to a Mexican vacation. It was too hot to do much of anything so we grocery shopped. This week we moved Sunday Night Dinner to Saturday. Hubba made quesidillas and I made mini apples pies. After dinner Nick and Joe watered the Lawn(as show below)
…there is an element of fun…I can hear Mary Poppins singing now

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Practice at the beach

Joe’s team didn’t practice yesterday so they could try a beach practice! After practice they are jumping in the water…that is a good football day🏈


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Summer School Over

Tony took Two summer classes, and both ended today!! So happy that those monkeys are off his back. Now he can rest his brain


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A story of #68

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Loves his boy

Buster loves his boy. When Tony leaves for work Buster flops down at the front door, looking very depressed and waits for his return.

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Shells today

Joe went to practice looking mighty fine. I think he grew a foot over the summer. No more lil boys, just three stinky football players

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Snap, click

Senior year gets closer and closer. The studio had a great photographer today, she fixed his collar, made him laugh…took along time with all the clothing changes but it was worth it!

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First Suit

Senior pictures are tomorrow, so yesterday we went and picked out a suit. He’s ready….


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Added an app

Hubba installed an app that can turn the phones of all the boys phones in a single button! Thanks Bunco ladies for showing me how wonderful that button can be👍🏼

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Our hairless cat

Joe starts football today so his hair went away. I’m so sad. I think the boys loose their personality when they shave their hair. Nick and Tony have three more weeks until they are hair free as well. Good news is it’s Tony’s senior year so no more head shaving for him(woooohoooo)

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