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Broken frig

Our refrigerator finally passed. We had it worked on many times but this time, we couldn’t resisitate it. So it was a dine-out night…enjoyed some trivia, a long straw making boy and so on and so forth.



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We saw sea shells

…by the sea shore
We had not seen the beach since summer began, it was a delight! Joe complained and fussed a bit, then he realized it was happening with or without the whining. We had fun. Found a rock for Dad. Lots of activity for the early morn.

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Awwww summer

So today Tony went from football practice to work to an awards ceremony to bed…
…dude is just as busy as when school is in

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The picture show


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First Shift

Tony started training today for his very first paid job experience!! He enjoyed the work, enjoyed the people he met. I think it’s going to be a great summer!


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D was found

We went to see finding Dory on Father’s Day. It was cute enough to still be stuck in my head. The theater was super hot on a super warm daddies day but the movie sweet as can be. Tony got extra credit in his IB Bio for bringing in the ticket stub and identifying the ocean life and classifying them🐠🐟🐑🐬

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Focus on finals

Tony came home with quite the art gallery on his arms. Great doodles, I hope as much time was put into his finals

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Motivation txts

Sent each boy motivation the last couple weeks of school…my three little engines keep chugging until summer…


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O Hubba, Happy Day

A little shopping, a little present opening, a little movie watching and a little whispering of thankfulness that my Kiddos got the best Dad in the world

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Hey Joe…help me water

…I didn’t need any help watering, I DID need to spend some time with my Joe-Joe. He didn’t disappoint. That boy brightens days


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