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Nick’s Homework

….is all our homework!! I took Nick to his tree every month and took his picture. Hubba designed the board and typed the titles…



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Dropped off Mr. Joe


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Chill Pill

So Joe was working on homework at the kitchen table and I was reminding him to stay focused. Which sounded like this: Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe FOCUS Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe FOOOOCUS.
To which he found his M&M cap and told me to take a chill pill. To which I laughed then repeated Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe FOCUS Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe FOOOOCUS……


I call M&M’s “my pills”. As in “Joe, go to the cupboard and get me my pills.”

…Joe is pretty darn chill, I think I shall gobble him up!!

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A football clinic

Joe decided to participate in the High School’s football clinic for middle schoolers. He said it was cool learning everything but he’s tired and his thighs hurt.

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Time well spent

Hubba and associates are remodeling the inside of the weight room for all athletes at the high school to enjoy.
It was the idea of the President of the football boosters and he approached Hubba in March about the possibility. Hubba is always up for a challenge, and so on this very overcast May day the transformation begins!

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Night in the Library

imageNight in the Library is a fundraiser of the schools’ foundation. This year’s winning bidder was a wonderful fourth grader who was able to invite friends to an almost sleepover at the library. The students made pillowcases, watched a movie(based on a book), particated in a scavenger hunt, listened and read stories, danced, blew bubbles, ate pizza, colored, and laughed a whole lot!!

Mrs Sutton and I were happy to help raise money for the school and enjoy the company of some great kiddos.

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Night Class

Tony, headed into his computer night class, it’s almost the end of the semester and I thought I would take a picture of him walking down the construction walkway to his night class, been here..done this all semester long.

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