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Goodbye Aunt Betty

Aunt Betty was quite a character. She loved attention, loved a microphone, loved her family, loved living in the country, and loved talking to visitors to the farming community. She will be missed


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Pulling into town is a feeling for me similar to pulling up the covers when I’m going to bed at night….super comforting.

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Drop off- lacrosse


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Treat for me

After 3 hour shot put/discus practice a stop by circle k for a Gatorade. It’s a win-win he gets a drink and I get to have some one on one time with Mr. Nickers…


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And then there were 3


My Aunt Betty passed yesterday, she fell and broke her hip early in the week last week and passed yesterday. Out of 6 girls and 4 boys, there is now 1 girl and two boys. My Dad was raised with such a big family as it slowly dwindles down he is full of sadness

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National College Fair

Tony was prepared for this college fair with an index card for each college of interest, questions for the reps, and majors that he is currently interested in. He didn’t add any colleges of interest but he subtracted two.

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Addams Family

imageSaturday night I went and saw our neighbor play Wednesday in the Addams Family play. She was amazing, that girl can sing, sing, sing.


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I laughed so hard, Tony was in for a routine checkup, might have one more before we switch to a regular doctor. He looked so gigantic next to the picture in the wall, then he picked up the fire truck to take a funny picture to show Hubba…I was laughing loudly and Tony reprimanded me. I totally deserved it, couldn’t pull it back together

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New do now that one is a teen! Went to super cuts, and done!!

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Birthday Joe

Joe’s kinda crazy is my favorite kind. For dinner(he picked)we had buttered pasta, mashed potatoes and a salad. Dessert was chocolate cake with Oreo frosting. Gifts included steam gift cards, a bathrobe, a squirrel mask, a inappropriate coffee mug, and more!!

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