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Get a hair cut

Tony was told at police explorers last night that he needed a haircut. After I dropped off Joe at LaCrosse practice, after I picked up Nick from Shotput practice and before I took Tony to his night class, we squeezed in a haircut!! Notice the strong desire to have a photograph snapped of the new do, (that boy is a tough one to photograph)


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Spring on the French horn

Preparing for the last concert of Joe’s band career. He’s been rocking the French horn since September but when he turned in his elective sheet for next year, band didn’t make the top three…
We shall enter the concert savorying every last squeaky of key note!!

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Walking ‘um

So Hubba is making his famous bruschetta so the boys walk the dogs down to get French bread, then another block for good luck. I was driving up from the grocery store and couldn’t resist a picture

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Oh he’s parking, his booty

So Joe had a flag football game tonight and after the game Hubba was waiting for a Dad to pick-up a chair he had fixed for the gentleman in the parking lot. Waiting, and waiting. They lost by one point(bummer)


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Happy St Patrick’s Day

Nick wore shamrock stickers on his middle finger so he could flip people off when they asked where his green was, Tony had his zero period so I didn’t see him but Hubba said he was sporting a green sweatshirt. Joe enjoys, no embraces St. Patty’s Day. Go out his fighting Irish shirt and accererized from there!!
The leprechauns brought steam gift cards and so much more!

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Alpha/Bravo Practice

Tony had a practice day yesterday with police explorers. They are preparing for a competition in LA.  Tony moved up to Alpha this year(they wear camp).  He is enjoying it very much.


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Sunday night dinner and Uncle Jimmy brought over Sequence to crack open before dinner was ready.  Laughter happened team grownup some one round and team kids the other round!
Thanks uncle jimmy💙



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Some days I just need my pills.

i was waiting for Tony to get out of his night class, starting looking at college websites…got out my pills. It’s just too stressful without chocolate!!


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Nick came in 4th place at today’s meet, this picture however is from his last meet as I struggled to find a parking spot and by the time I got one, it was over! Nick was tickled I brought all the Shotput discus dudes waters and cornnuts. He thanked me many times 🙂






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Waiting for Nick talking to Tony. Trying to convince Tony that homework is not like flip flops at the beach, optional.


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