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Lacrosse ends

Sooo Joe was minding his own business about a month and a half ago…and the phone rang…. Dun-dun-done. It was a a Dad of a kid Joe’s age. He requested Joe become a lacrosse goalie. And thus began Joe’s month and a half goalie season. Joe still doesn’t know all the rules, but he loves it!



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Oh, we have a thing

Love Dominic. After Shotput practice yesterday he says, oh we have a thing tomorrow. Descriptive…

…so we drop him off at his thing, and it turns out, it’s a pretty big thing!!!


As a freshman parent communication is a struggle. We tend to learn of “things” as they are getting smaller in the rear view mirror or right before they are happening . Makes it difficult to plan, but not difficult to laugh as Dad navigates us to the wrong junior college, Nick forgets his water on the kitchen table and Nick expectations of being at all “things” an hour early!!

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End of tour fun

Tony and Hubba ended the trip with a peek at cannery row. Tony went there last spring on a high school trip and had to show Hubba his favorite parts!


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Touring Colleges

Today, the final two colleges of the ski week college tour extravaganza!

Tony’s friend, Matthew was on Northern California tours as well and they happened to be scheduled on the same tour of Sonoma State. After they had lunch, then Hubba and Tony headed over to their final tour.

Can’t wait to see them tomorrow!!

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One School today

Too funny! Hubba checked for Wifi at today’s college tour. These networks appeared. Hilarious college kids.

This was the most northern state college. Tony likes hiking/camping so we thought he should check it out.

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First day of spring visits

First Day of college visits. Two schools today. Zooming around California,hoping Tony gets a feel for what he likes and doesn’t like in a college this week!!

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Ready, set, go

The four day, five school college tour begins! ….but first a lil stop to see some favorite peeps. Tony and Hubba went to see Aunts and Cousins in central California. …and as luck would have it three recent cousin graduates took the time to share their experiences. It got Tony focused and excited for his journey ahead!


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