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Sunday night dinner! We played uno(jimmy won) and Joe showed all his cards on the table….an interesting technique. Hubba, Nickers, and Tony are making dinner while we have our pre-uno games. It’s a very good night. With very good people!!! ….and chocolate milk bubbles ain’t bad either!!!




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PreSeason Meet

Nick’s first official preseason meet. One to five today. Looong day!! Hubba said if they were there much longer he would be renting a room!!!  Joe had a lacrosse tournament and Tony was at police explorers. I was working today- taking down Valentine’s Day, imputing new book into the computer as well 🙂



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Tree project

imageNot only does nick stand in front of a tree once a month, he also is lucky to  have a grid with “to do’s” while he was at his tree:  a branch as long as your arm, a flying insect, animal prints. After Track and Field practice yesterday,Nick and I hit his tree and looked for nature. We found a butterfly and Nick tip-toed around the bush for a picture.

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i yelled Bunco once and had two baby buncos, now that got me jack diddily. But I did laugh and that’s worth the $20 buy in!

The hostess’s daughter modeled in. Clothing catalog and I was super happy that she shared it with me. Her daughter is adorable and really wanted to try modeling.  Happy she got something quick!


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I spend an usual amount of time waiting. Today it was an hour for Nick who’s cell isn’t working. Then two hours for Tony to get out of police explorers they moved locations so I’m glad I stayed. It’s worth it when I see their faces. But dang it’s s lot of waiting.



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don’t look here

Tony gave a speech today in English and this was on the back of his card as he looked down at his notes on the differences between basketball/soccer commercials and football. Skill v. Strength was the theory


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To the picture show

Hubba took boys to the picture show! They all loved it. Nick saw it the day before  at a friends b-day party!! He was happy to see it twice (tired but happy).


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Lacrosse ends

Sooo Joe was minding his own business about a month and a half ago…and the phone rang…. Dun-dun-done. It was a a Dad of a kid Joe’s age. He requested Joe become a lacrosse goalie. And thus began Joe’s month and a half goalie season. Joe still doesn’t know all the rules, but he loves it!


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Oh, we have a thing

Love Dominic. After Shotput practice yesterday he says, oh we have a thing tomorrow. Descriptive…

…so we drop him off at his thing, and it turns out, it’s a pretty big thing!!!


As a freshman parent communication is a struggle. We tend to learn of “things” as they are getting smaller in the rear view mirror or right before they are happening . Makes it difficult to plan, but not difficult to laugh as Dad navigates us to the wrong junior college, Nick forgets his water on the kitchen table and Nick expectations of being at all “things” an hour early!!

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End of tour fun

Tony and Hubba ended the trip with a peek at cannery row. Tony went there last spring on a high school trip and had to show Hubba his favorite parts!


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