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A Christmas car


So this was a hard secret to keep. After having it parked for two weeks in front of the house, Christmas morning we sent all three boys on a walk with the dogs. We hurriedly made a red bow for the top of the car and when they walked into the house we asked them to help with cleaning up the wrapping paper. Casually I said oh look we forgot one, inside were the keys to the car. I’m pretty sure he guessed already but I didn’t care. He was so happy. Spent the rest of the day in it!!

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Merry Christmas


So after presents are opened and before dinner is prepared, Hubba is taking each boy, one at a time, to show them how to put the new graphics card into their computers. Jim is entertaining the heck out of me with some jib jab videos. These are stills taken from his genius work!

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Music to my ears

Joe’s debut concert as a French Horn player. He was sitting in the waaay back so I had to wait for flute movement to sneak a picture. We and Auntie were there for the event. The beginning band sounded marvelous. It was a holiday music extravaganza, even grinch would have smiled!


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Ugly Sweater

Thanks to Auntie, Tony had an amazing ugly sweater to wear for ugly sweater day! He design it at the beginning of last year, Auntie gave it to him around Thanksgiving and he wore it to school for spirit week/ ugly sweater day

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