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last saturday

Nick had his end of the season football party and they got their championship trophies…Nick also got another award, academic scholar. Yep, academic flipp’n scholar!! Who knew…
I could not be prouder of this award, Nick worked super hard on achieving his academic goals, he wrote those goals down and shared them with his coach back in august, then busted his caboose and achieved. It’s nice to be recognized for your achievements(whoop-whoop)

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Thanksgiving ll

So the rest of Tday was marvelous!!! We had a dinner of 5(just us) and then dessert with really good friends.
Hubba made the whole dinner and 4 pies. It was delicious, the first time ever I tried pecan pie, and I loved it!! It’s my Hubba’s yummy cooking!! I am thankful for him and those three crazy boys. Happy, happy, happy

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Happy Thanksgiving

Our morning was spent at the beach swimming and playing volleyball. It’s been an amazing day so far. We walked in our house to some amazing smells. Blow your socks off goodness! Hubba is making two pecan pies and apple pies too.
Plus he took on T-day dinner….I can’t wait to dive in

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Movies and Merit

The boys went to the movies early this morn and saw Mocking Jay then Nick, Harrison, and Joe worked on the first part of their cooking merit badge. It was a splendid first day of Thanksgiving break. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

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Pyramid Project

Yesterday Joe turned in his projects and he was walking into school with a pep in his step. Pretty darn proud of his work. Proud of spending time with his Dad. Proud of burning the edges on his journal paper. Pep on his step I tell you.

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Waiting for Tony

So Tony said he’d be home from the second dau of the police explorers event Sunday about the same time he was Saturday, around sunset. I decided to head over to the police station then to pick him up. Well, turns our there is an award ceremony and dinner so I sat in the parking lot of the police station for 2-1/2 hours. I had the unique opportunity of playing with my phone apps. And it was worth it. I made about 10 of these gems. Sent one to Tony as I finished each masterpiece. Tony participated in a 5150…dealing with a crazy person and then… he got in the car with me…(be nice reader, be nice)

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Well, I took this picture of buster while tony was at a football game awhile back however, the puppy was just as depressed yesterday. Tony was gone from 5:30 in the morning until 5:00 p.m. He got to practice on a vehicle simulation program of a high speed chase and also participate in a domestic dispute resolution competition.

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