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Hween for the combat unicorn

Joe went with his buddies, out trick or treating! He had a great time. His friend jacob had Pizza and they started over at their pad!

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Halloween for the Irish

Oh my stars! This pictures makes me laugh soooo hard! Four 8th graders, I’ve known these beautiful boys since before kinder….they are all quirky and smart and perfect. just perfect….
They traveled the neighborhood parent-free enjoying the holiday with gusto! Nick’s friend Nick collected 16lbs of candy!!! They weight it when they got back to our house, average weight was 10lbs. I hope they look back on this night and smile at the innocence of it all.

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Called up to Varsity

Tony suited up for Varsity
And he played and he got a tackle and somewhere in varsity-land his name is on a board with one tackle next to his name.
Best Halloween Ever!!

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Joyful Joe

He is the happiest Halloween Unicorn ever. Tickled to be a unicorn, wanted to be one last year but the costume was literally on a slow boat from China and didn’t make it in time. Mr. K was laughing every time he looked at Joe…well at or with, I’m not sure. It was so good to be Joe so happy. And to see poor Mr K try to reign in the unicorn!!!

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Pumpkin Carv’n

Joe insisted on Apple Cider(cold) and pizza for pumpkin as the rest of us were opinionless on the subject, it was so! We had to carve very late to accommodate Nick and Joe’s practice as well as tony’s game. So the festivities began at 8.

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V Marina

I went to watch Tony Play football, far, far away, in a land I needed to hop on a freeway and it was sooo congested on said freeway, I got to the game at half-time and the skies were turning gray. Not great pictures but they won.

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Bike Rodeo

Took pictures for the Yearbook today of the Bike Rodeo. Joe’s too old(or too cool) so he went to his buddy Matthew’s house to play football. Kids were cute

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School Pride

Got a call from the PTA to take a picture of this sign. I think it’s for Red Ribbon Week? So now Red Ribbon Week is Drug Free, Make Better Nutritional Choices, & School Pride! I looked on the calendar–this week also celebrates National: American Beer day, Navy day, National Chocolate Day, National cat day, National oatmeal day, National hermit day, National candy corn day, National stand up for service day, national pharmacy buyer day, National breadstick day, national frankenstein day, national carmel apple day, national knock knock joke day, national magic day, girl scout founders’s day, and halloween.

I got to take a picture of my kid, happy. That is worth dealing with ALL the nonsense, naturally or should I say Nationally.

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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is having an identity crisis at the elementary school.
The red bands they are given say “drug Free”, and yet it’s now supposed to be healthy choices week. Joe’s teacher asked what the week was about and Joe announced matter-o-factly that it was drug week…we got an email. Mr. K we don’t promote drugs this week or any, well except allergy medication.
red ribbon
Kids wear Red, three days ago at the fall festival was a cake-walk full of every bad choice sweet you can imagine, the message is lost the smiles are real!!!

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Our Last Fall festival

It’s time to point out the last of elementary school. Eleven years I’ve had a kiddos here, it’s hard to believe this is the very last of every event. Joe is celebrating like a super star, taking it in and enjoying it. I dig that.
fall festival
fall festivala

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