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Police Explorers

Police Explorer
Tony started volunteering with police explorers in August of this year. He goes to meetings once a week and learns about topics ranging from officer shooting protocol to drunk driving arrest. It is such a great opportunity to learn about how our community is protected and the history of law enforcement techniques. A big part of this program is community volunteering. Today Tony helped at the Susan G. Komen-race for the Cure event. One of the bands made the audience clap for Tony and his partner in between each song and pointed out that Tony was currently single and on the market. Then when he was coming back to the police station in the back of a police car the driver forgot to open the door for him….he eventually remember, Oh good times!

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Seahawks Game this weekend

V Irvine Chargers

Well it was a good, close game. The Seahawks lost. Those young gents sure play their hearts out.
v irvine_a
v irvine_B
v irvine

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Flag Football

SO joe walked up to the line and the kid across from him was shaking in his shoes. He said to Joe, “please don’t hurt me.” joe told us after the game. I think that kid needs to get into golf, quick!!!

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Jr. All American Seahawks

v. the Long Beach Jack Rabbits
It was a win! Good game, the boys were evenly matched as far as skill level. It looks like Nick is slow dancing, but he’s pushing through…I swear

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2 on 2

First day of school, yesterday I get the phone call after the final bell rings, “Mom can I go to Matthew’s house?”
the answer is always yes(if it’s OK with Matthew’s Mom). Pretty awesome pulling up and seeing boys just playing ball in the street. As childhood should be…good times.

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Not again…another 1st day of school

Sixth grade-Joe, eighth grade-Nick, tenth grade-Tony
This is the last year Auntie will be making a first day of school shirt for the boys, Joe’s first and last shirt below. That’s 12 years of first day of school shirts. Pretty darn cool. We had muffins in the morning with the girls and the gents were off to conquer another year of learning. Go get um boys!!!

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