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Farewell Campland

We decided to head back a day early this year. We have stuff to do, dogs to pets, practices to get to, and school supplies to purchase(just kidding we still have a glorious month)
Farewell Campland, as always we shall cherish the memories.

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Back to Vacation

Tony paddle boarded over to a group of young ladies and chit-chatted for some time…Nick sat paddled around a bit, Joe was tickled with his inflatable….different strokes for different folks 🙂

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Thunderstorm and more

Thunderstorms and tent camping don’t really mix. We were lucky enough to experience this fine vacation liv’n today, well the kids and Hubba did anyway,
I woke up and decided that sunday morning is a good time to see a doctor. And he liked me so much he kept me overnight. I’m just referring to it as a vacation from my vacation. A chance to catch up on daytime TV. Weird stuff on there I tell you.

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Day Two of Vacation

Uncle Jimmy came down and a drip sandcastle was made by all…mostly Tony and Uncle Jimmy….then in the end Just Uncle Jimmy before it was overtaken by small children who thought it was the coolest thing they had ever seen, ever!
Then we went out to dinner, came back and listened to an Aerosmith cover band(and sang along)

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Day one of Vacay play

Someone in this picture got three TD’s and the respect of his fellow flag football players. Whoop-whoop
Swimming out this year with confidence and ease(thanks to Nick’s encouragement
Building up the dodgeball strategy while in the middle of his first game of the week

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Rest and relaxation

We have arrived for out summer vacation!! Let the fun begin. We shall set up check, get a quick dinner and hit the hay. We have a lot of fun in store for the next few days 🙂

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Concert in the park

Golden State British Brass & Emerald Society Bagpipes
I just think concerts in the park bring out the best in people, old folks tapping their toes, toddlers dancing. It’s a great place to listen to music and people watch. I think bagpipes sound so cool. Some songs kind of remind me of funerals but what are ya gonna do? they are just too cool.
The boys are not as easily amused as myself. I think Joe actually fell asleep. Step out of your comfort zone people….this is the best.

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Frisbee Golf

We didn’t get enough frisbee golf a couple weeks ago, so we are back. The frisbee man made me golf too, said once I tried it, I’d like it. It was fun to throw a frisbee really far… I’m just not great at launching it in a particular direction. Oh well I got pictures of my nuggets. And they were hilarious
Frisbe golf

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A quick dip

Decided it was Hot, hot , hot and we jumped on over to the pool at Andrea’s pad. Her Nanny brought the littles one in and we had fun for all. He were so relaxed after. Just a magical place on a hot july day.

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SO before all the party goers come to celebrate your 16ness I needed a minute to enjoy you all by myself, get off the computer for a minute, get your booty over to the cake…no turn around I don’t want your actual BOOTY ON the cake, near…near the cake and smile….ahhhhh. Amazing. Not sure I say it enough but you are pretty amazing.

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