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Flag Football Camper of the Day

Day Two of Joe’s flag football camp and he got camper of the day(which means he gets to pick a goodie out of the treat box). His coach said he cheered on his team mates and made a great play than gained his team many yards during the scrimmage.
(I took this picture yesterday, the first day of his camp)

Nick started a football strength and conditioning class today as well, and Tony is knee deep in summer football camp! Keeping these boys busy.

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Summer Weekdays


A little boogie boarding, a little body surfing, and a little sand castle building today! Plus some pelican counting and Dolphin oogling by yours truly.
After the beach we headed to the central library to get some books on CD for long car rides ahead.

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Football Summer Camp

Tony is already at Football Summer Camp 9:30 t0 11:30 right now… June 23 to July 23, three weeks off then the fall season starts!

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Dog Beach

Buster (aka: Buster Brown, Puppy Man, Devil Dog, El Diablo) went to Dog Beach in Huntington for the very first time ever and had a blast. He did not enjoy when Tony went into the water without and let everyone on the shore know with big dog barks. Beag was happy, he ran up and down the beach off leash checking in on us from time to time. Boomer wanders and sniffs and forgets to come and visit so he was leached earlier in the journey 🙂
The boys played in the water, enjoying the beginning days of summer, aaaaah

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Frisbee Golf

Time for Summer Fun and what better way than trying something new. A little Frisbee Golf in the lovely Huntington Beach. The boys had fun. The range was clean and included 18 holes, they had spotters to make sure people weren’t going frisbee golf crazy.(Joe pelted someone in the head on accident). We will be back this summer as all had enough fun and the price was right to warrant another visit. We rented Frisbees there, they are smaller than your average frisbee. One of the spotter shared that it has been around since 1977. (impressive)




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Boom Boom

These Super Stars did soooo well on their report cards they got a very special treat! That’s right
Boomer’s baby! Some games, I even offered Nick the steak(he opted for the hamburger), I said, “Dominic those were steak grades”

Met up with Andrea and Mark, Audrey and Cory too!


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Science Fair Awards

Science Fair Awards
Joe was invited to the district Science Fair Awards that just happen to take place on the campus of our Elementary School, which is handy!
Proud as punch of the dude with the ‘tude

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Andrea and Audrey invited me to the movies to see The Fault in Our Stars at Metro Pointe. A girl movie? What? They still make those? Not everyone in the world has three boys?
I read the book awhile back, I like YA lit, so much less stressful usually than adult crap. Except this one, but it was good and I like the movie Too

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Joe’s Photography Class

Joe’s Merit badge class was today. He took about 30 pictures and this one was my favorite. Harrison and Nick took a class today too, then they went to the garage sell for boy scouts, busy boys!
Joes photo

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5th Grade Open House

Yesterday was Open House
Open House is a funny thing…for two weeks before open house, the students start getting these projects to do, kinda big projects that require foam core board, do-hickies, thing-i-ma-jings and it ends up costing about $100 buck or so…then as a reward for buying all that crap you get to go in a room with 34 students plus one or two parents to look at all the crap you and every other sweaty, sticky parent next to you spent $100 bucks on, all in the name of Open House. ….hmmmmmm, I sure don’t feel more open….

Joe dug showing his Dad his kingdom and they laughed

open house_a
Open House

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