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Finally, to the K kreme

We have been Busy Beez. No time to take Mr. Joe to Krispy Kreme for his Super Special, once a year, just for him Birthday Donut adventure…until now. All is soooo right in the world
Krispy Kreme 2
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme 1

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Whipped Cream Pie Fight

WE have an awesome friend, Uncle Jimmy. All he wanted for his birthday was a whipped cream pie fight. And it was so!!! WE were lucky enough to go and be apart of the fun. Cases upon cases of whipped cream was purchased, a backdrop was made….the theme Bunnies in the spring. Oh My Stars was it fun to watch!!

pie fightbpie fighta
pie fightpie fight_i
pie fight_j
pie fight_epie fight_h
pie fight_f
pie fight_dpie fight _g

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Last Game of the Season

I’m going to miss Volleyball. So up-tempo and the games are fast 🙂
last game jva
last jv game

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Nick went straight from the shot put to flag football practice, it’s a sporty time of year I tell you. Practice might not make perfect, but I DO hope to get a Christmas Card from the 76 Gas Station owner as taking these kiddos all over town proves costly!
Flag Football Practice

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Track and Field

Went and watched Nick-a-do throw that metal ball. Throw that thing Nick, pretend someone just took your icecream and if you knock um out with this big metal ball you get your icecream back. Or just look at me weird for suggesting that, that works too.
shot put 5_7
shot put 5_7a

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JV Home Tournament

Tony’s volleyball season is winding down to an end. This home tournament flew by and they have one more game after this with this same team. In the tournament they made it to the semi-finals. Stopped by CDM.
All in all, a very good day of volleyball.

JV Tournie

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