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Track & Field

shot put
Nick got the best score of his Shotput teammates from his school and placed!!! Pretty good for his first meet ever! He said it’s a little slow for him, a lot of just standing around. They didn’t have the right shot put so the people in charge were scurry around a little and it started a little later than normal.

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Joe’s Ad for Yearbook

Took the picture today and whipped this up.

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Recess is best

I was cruising around, taking pictures of recess for the Yearbook when I spied these two lovelies by the backpacks chit-chatting. I snapped the shot lickity split 🙂

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Beware of flying ladders

Had an incident on the way to Tony’s Volleyball game in Santa Barbara below is the email I sent to the CHP office…
At Approx. 8:30am, April 26th on the 101 south near California Ave. in Ventura County, I received assistance from a CHP Officer. My car struck a ladder in the fast lane and my tire blew out completely. I was stuck on the shoulder near the fast lane. The CHP officer who came to my aide was attentive and made me feel like the situation was completely manageable. He helped me safely off the busy curve in the HWY, made sure I was able to handle the next steps of the situation on my own and made me feel secure. I did not have the presence of mind to ask his name but I would like to send him a Thank you. He was amazing.

On a happier note
SB tournieSB tournie_1

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Crew for Annie

Who moved those sets in place? I know, it was Joe!! Joe and his Friend Matthew signed up for crew. They were even asked! ….and they said Yes! They were really responsible and did a great job.
(and who built those cool rolling sets? Hubba did a few years back)

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Middle School Science Fair

Nick got a blue ribbon at the science fair for his work on board on Dyslexia. He did a great job of researching and he built the board on a quote by ALbert Einstein who is believed to have been Dyslexic:
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Science fair_dyslexia

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JV-NHHS Volleyball

V Huntington at home
Tony had gobs of blocks. It was so cool! I hope he felt as good as he looked!!!

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