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Puppy power

Nothing makes a guy feel better when he hurts his ankle like his cute lil puppypupp


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Volleyball Game

Against Foothill. I am smitten with volleyball. The teamwork, the strategy, the quickness of the game. Tony is working on improving his serve, usually he doesn’t serve…when I saw him go to the serve line, I felt like I was naked, total exposed….I kept repeating in my head…don’t worry if you don’t make it.
He made um over, so much so that the coach was trying to direct him to who was the weak player on the other team and where to serve, as I giggle to myself(let’s just be grateful they are making it over the nest Coach)

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Read Across America

Read Across America week this week, which includes the celebration on Dr Suess’s Birthday. TOday everyone was supposed to dress up as a character from a book. Joe is dressed as The Chocolate Pilot and Mrs. Sutton, the Librarian is dressed as the Lorax!! THe kids loved coming in and seeing Mrs. Sutton come in to the library today. I loved seeing the creative costumes all around campus(the perk of helping out on the yearbook)

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Volleyball has begun

Tony has been lifting and going to tryouts, he’s even had a couple scrimmages(this another preseason scrimmage).
He is very proud to be on the JV team as a Freshman, although he enjoys a lot of the guys on the Frosh/Soph and would have enjoyed that too, he’s proud of the work he’s putting in this year and he’s hoping to learn a lot from his teammates.
This scrimmage was with Laguna HS and in the first serve over the net by Laguna Tony went up to block the ball, the player to his right came over, and when Tony came down he rolled his ankle right over his teammates shoe. Tony’s adrenaline kept him going for the first game. Oh my stars, when he took his shoe off it looked like Barney the dinosaur puked on his ankle! 12 shades of purple. A whole season of football not one injury, first volleyball game, BAM!

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The last Pinewood derby

Three Cub Scouts, that’s many, many pinewood derby events and this is our very last one! It’s amazing how the event seemed to go faster than the first derby we attended, maybe because I was watching three children and trying to help and take pictures that is used to feel like it took forever. Now I am watching the kiddos and the excitement on their faces and just enjoying the moment…ahhhh the moment feels fine(finally)
Pinewood derby

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