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Crossing over

Joe is officially a Boy Scout! Crossed over this very night… Got is Arrow of light, some member from the Order of the Arrow preformed. Tony and Nick helped make the bridge and stood by during the crossing. Tony even helped a Cub Scout Den with their part in the ceremony. Hubba was the Den leader of the boys crossing over. It was an amazing night. Really proud of all three of um!

crossing over_a
crossing over_b
crossing over
cub scouts

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JV Volleyball

V. Huntington Beach. THe first game they played really well, then they all tried guess what the other team was going to do next instead of playing in the moment and they all were over hitting, hitting the hit and choking on serves. HB is a great team, it was a fun game to watch
boys volleyball

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Art Faire

Well I had to go to the Art Faire to take Pictures, Joe had football practice so he didn’t go. I decided to get a snapshot of his fabulous Artwork. Ocean was the theme of the Art Faire this year.
fish art
Joe’s work is Second row, third in from the right.

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Some caged, some not

puppy play
Well Tony and Buster were having some fun in the front chasing each other and what not, Joe was playing a recorder in Buster’s cage. As long as everyone is having fun.

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JV Volleyball

V. Los AL
It’s so Exciting that I forget to get pictures, the action and the lighting aren’t ideal for my lil bitty camera but I’m a super proud Mom so I shall take blurry pictures all season long. Tony had some great blocks, so fun to watch I tell you, SO fun!

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Home V Mira Costa
This HS Gym is so cool it has an upstairs where Hubba and I like to perch. I’m not a fan of mixing it up with too many parents, then you end up involved in crazy drama that is nonsensical, the lack of power draw some parents to the brink in youth sports. I prefer to watch my kid, be proud as punch of how hard the team is working, and move on with my lovely day.

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Football Ready

Football ready
football readyb
Hubba put on a free clinic twice a week starting in Feb to keep the football players in shape. He opened it you to 7th and 8th graders and got a very good response. What parent doesn’t love free? It was all strength and agility training. It really helped Nick. Football ended in November and he was feeling sluggish running the mile at school. (not anymore)

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Puppy power

Nothing makes a guy feel better when he hurts his ankle like his cute lil puppypupp

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Volleyball Game

Against Foothill. I am smitten with volleyball. The teamwork, the strategy, the quickness of the game. Tony is working on improving his serve, usually he doesn’t serve…when I saw him go to the serve line, I felt like I was naked, total exposed….I kept repeating in my head…don’t worry if you don’t make it.
He made um over, so much so that the coach was trying to direct him to who was the weak player on the other team and where to serve, as I giggle to myself(let’s just be grateful they are making it over the nest Coach)

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Read Across America

Read Across America week this week, which includes the celebration on Dr Suess’s Birthday. TOday everyone was supposed to dress up as a character from a book. Joe is dressed as The Chocolate Pilot and Mrs. Sutton, the Librarian is dressed as the Lorax!! THe kids loved coming in and seeing Mrs. Sutton come in to the library today. I loved seeing the creative costumes all around campus(the perk of helping out on the yearbook)

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