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4/5 Lucky Art

We made Shamrock Art to decorate Joe’s lovely classroom this week. I precut the strips of cardstock the students glued then to a piece of paper, then we cut a shamrock shape out of black construction paper. We had so many strips left over that someone asked if we could write Lucky on the front. In Art, as long as we have the resources the answer is always YES!

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Science Fair

Well My camera is being a pain in the caboose but Joe’s super cool science project won a blue ribbon! He did his science experiment on what survival supplies burn the fastest in case you need to make a campfire quickly.

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Puppy goes to the park

Took Buster to the park this lovely “ski Week”. He’s little so we carried him a lot and to not let him pick up a disease, we were looking for a sample of algae for Tony’s plant project. Found one. And got cute puppy pictures too!!

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Tony spent the week (12-16) in yosemite, it’s a school trip through the Science Department. He had the time of his life running around with like minded folks, made some great friends. He wants to go again next year and he just got back! They hiked and studied and hiked some more….the fun part was free time at night….hmmmm
He missed he puppy and maybe us too a little 🙂

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Valentine’s Day

Joe and Hubba made the Hug-o-Bot a Valentine’s Day box to collect cards in at school. Nick is eating a delisous heart cinnamon roll brought to you by me. Lil Tony is still in yosemite, I can’t wait to see him soon.

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Tony offically has his puppy. Joe asked Santa for one when he was in kinder….Nick asked for one in third grade, and now Tony in 9th grade has a two month old puppy….3 boys, 3dogs, 1 crazed mother, o husband!!!
Meet Buster

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Talent Show

Talent Show
talent show1
Oh Yes I saw talent. The little kids in the front were just tickled to see the What does the fox say, number for the talent show this year. The kids looked great. Love every fox up there!

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Say What?

The talent show is upon us, and I am thrilled to share that the kids Joe has been talenting with since 2nd grade, are back in action. Today was the dress rehearsal and the kids looked marvie.

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