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Boomer is a Daddy

Boomer had some romance in the fall and now is the proud Daddy of 7 puppies. They were born in December and are now going to be picking there homes. Folks want to see pictures of the father, who was not very photogenic yesterday but I give you Puppy Paw-pa.

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Love Banner

In Joe’s 4/5 Combo class yesterday we also made a love banner. I pre-cut the burlap and they painted and tied ribbon and it’s beautiful and sweet. We are giving it as an early Valentine’s Day gift for Mommies to put up and enjoy all February.
love banner

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Valentine Brick Pix

I was trying to think of a Dad gift for Valentine’s Day. I was thinking bricks, and I don’t know why, but I was…you love hit me like a ton of bricks? …you are loves building blocks? You are a brick house–mighty, mighty, might..When I say it I realize how dumb it sounds, but in my head it’s just wonderful. I took pictures today and brought in my half baked idea, and the kids LOVED it and I love them for seeing beauty in nothing.

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California Science Center

Took the boys to see the Space Shuttle and more at the museum. It was busier than I expected, it being such a gorgeous SO. Cal day I thought the beaches would be packed. I guessed wrong! I think the crowds overwhelmed the experience, I’d like to go back a different day. I was totally impressed with the Space Shuttle and it was less crowded. I think the kids liked the natural science section the best. Nick and Tony are both studying biology right now in school so they had some insight on things I would have walked right past with little or no interest. They impressed me, I dig that.

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Paper flight

Somedays just a piece of paper can entertain! They flew um until they were crumpled up wingless wads. And there was laughter and I dig that.

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San Diego Botanical

Took the boys to the San Diego Botanical Garden on a little day trip today. As they get older it takes longer for them to see the world without a longing for the computer screen filled with computer games that they left at home. But they get there, and it makes me happy that I haven’t completely lost them, yet. Great sculptures throughout the gardens, loved the kids section and lots of January blooms. I’d love to go back each season be privy to the whole lifecycle of the joint. Maybe when I’m older and grey-er

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Took Pictures today of all the grade levels for a kindness quilt the school’s office admin is putting together. Saw lots of boys and girls today, even my favorite boy in the whole school! (back row left of center)

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Out and about in HB

Took Nick and Joe to Huntington Central to ride around a bit, after the busy Christmas season it’s time to just appreciate nature, exercise and the warm sunshine. Hubba and T were doing a boy scout thing

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Happy New Year

Tony marks the 6th year of this ol blog. It’s been a great way to document our families comings and goings. Today we went to Irvine Regional Park and played a game we got as a Christmas gift this year. It was the perfect way to start the new year, running and playing in the great outdoors!

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