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It’s time to unwrap christmas toys for all the lil Christmas boys. I swear you couldn’t find a more grateful bunch!

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Oh yeah, a little late visit to Santie Claus to share how amazing these three angels have been all year or was it a late minute visit to slip Santa CLaus a twenty and promise to be better next year. What’s whisper in to the bearded man’s ear is a mystery….

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Candy Paws

It’s very late in the season, but a friend told me how much she looked forward to polar bears paws, so I made some and took um over to her house. Carmel, white chocolate, and nuts. SImple and delicious

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Money cake

Sunday Nick dinner and Nick’s Birthday celebration. Gifts, cake, icecream, and a moneycake! Wooohooo
Money, a teenagers dream gift. One happy 13 yr old, enjoying his special birthday weekend,

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HaPpy !3tH BiRtHdAy
nick's bday
Football, Wednesday lunch with friends, mindcraft, and family. Those are a few of your favorite things at thirteen.

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Logan’s Candy

A sweet holiday tradition. This year (yesterday) we were lucky enough to see rootbeer flavored ribbon candy made by hand. I sure hope the kids lock this little nugget of Christmas time away
Logans candy
logans candy2
logans candy1

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Holiday Program

The Dude melts my heart. Second to the last holiday program. Crammed into a MPR with waaaay too many grown-ups to listen to angels sing. I swear I have yet to make it a year without crying with joy. So many cute faces in their best clothes, some nervous, some just belting out the music. It’s cute. Joe is a laughter in the face of an audience, and I’m a laughter back at him. Joe makes it worth it!!!
holiday program
holiday programb

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Newport Harbor Heritage Run

Natural History Project #3, Tony ran because he got out of something….
I think he enjoyed it. He was in the top 15 the whole race, was in and out pretty darn quick. Totally worth a full credit on an assignment. They ran through the buildings and Tony stopped long enough to take a photo in front of his science class.

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Prep for a gift

I went into Joe’s class to get photos of the students for a holiday gift, now Joe was goofing around like crazy, trying to avoid whatever I had pulled him away from to get the photo. And I love it. I’s stay all day taking crazy pictures of this stud muffin:)

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After school

Our street is traveled by a lot of middle schoolers riding their bikes in the morning and after school. Nick has a regular groups that stops by after school for about 15 minutes. And them there are special guest who show up now and then.
Mitchell isn’t a regular but it was sure nice to see his smiling face

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