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Picked up TOny from the away game, he got dressed super fast and they were off!! A Dictator, An Uncle Sam, and Cupid….they were a riot. Got loads of laughs this year!!!

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traditions minus one

Tony had a football game today so we missed him for our pre-halloween traditions. Donuts on a string, Bobbing for apples…

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Carvin’ um up

We are so close to CANDY
Nicks pumpkin

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Crazy Socks

red ribbon joe
Red Ribbon Week! Today was crazy sock day, I was taking pictures for the yearbook and got to get a snapshot of Joe

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Dancing machines

Harrison and Nick went to the first 7th grade Halloween dance tonight! Stopped by the neighbors and walked to the dance with the girls.
7th grade dance
7th grade
You only live once boys! ENjOy it all.

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Flag deck & Fall Festival

fall festival
Flag deck2013
What a wonderful day, started with an award and ended at the fall festival. Joe was a smashing Charlie Brown for fall festival, got to play laser tag for days(well hours)!!!

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Frosh & Fun

We all zipped over to Tony’s Freshman football game after school today to cheer him on. Today they play Edison. It’s shocking how fast this season has gone. Practice started the monday after school got out so it’s not like he hasn’t been playing what feels like forever, but the actual season is zipping by!
I love when Nick and Joe find kids to play with, some they know, some they don’t…it don’t matter. Never met a stranger I tell you!

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Go Seahawks go

I think I’m a football Mom. And I think I like it. Watched Nick play a little tackle, and I cheered!

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Natural History

Natural History project
natural history a
natural history b
Tony and his buddy Evan have a Science project due and we decided to go together. Evan’s home and I took the Two knuckleheads and had a blast. This is one of five!

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Frosh Game against Los Al

Today is our anniversary and a home game for T. Go Freshmen!!

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