And the school year begins

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“If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.” ~Louis D. Brandeis

High School
Tony’s name was not on the list of names for his class on the first day of school as a freshmen, a nice “Welcome, you don’t matter” He had to stand in a 30 minute line with other freshmen who matter just as much, and was late for his class. So I followed all the rules pre-registered, he went to registration and ….we get the boobie prize.

Middle School
Nick’s Dyslexic. So he had to find his classes that he was handed on the first day of school without any help, stressful for someone without issues but even more stressful with processing issues

Joe is lucky enough to be born with an attitude that really allows for anything. So the unknown does not bother him one bit, one out of three approve of this crappy system.

I ask myself why is this super secret process such a circus? Is it because the administration can’t stand up to pushy parents who demand certain teachers? Those parents get what they want know matter what hoops you make them jump. Is it a lack of organization? Poor computer programs? Wouldn’t it be magical if it was explained.

We(the school admin) make the transition back to school awkward, complicated, and last minute because:
a) we can
b) job security
c) we don’t like children and want them to suffer as much as possible
d) it’s a process you are to stupid to understand

…..I’m not ready to deal with this crap, my filter is not operating yet. I want summer back.

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And they are off Frosh V PV

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