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Gaming comes to an end

Farewell summer days of coming home from sports and plopping in front of a glowing screen. School starts soon and that means video games are fair game on the weekends only. Today is a day of sitting and enjoying the end of summer, ahhhhh how numb your butts must be from sitting so very long!

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Auntie’s pool

School must be starting soon because the weather has taken a turn for the freak’n HOT. Wowzers, I decided to cool the boys off with a little water fun and Auntie was totally game! Hooray.

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More Football

I got to pickup Nick from football last night and drive home with him all by myself. And he was alllll teenage snarkie and I was in a good mood and said, “you can be crappy all you want but I still love you and you still love me, hahahahahaha”

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Football Kick-Off Night

Tonight the Freshman had to wear a dress shirt and blue tie for freshman kick-off light. They introduced the teams in the gym, the band played, the cheerleaders cheered. It was a big affair.

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Hubba and I snuck over to the Frosh/JV scrimmage at the High School, yesterday. They look so big, we didn’t get out of the car, just sat and watched. I’d say about 20 parents were there doing the very same thing!

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Bored Boys

You never know what will happen to your face when you come over to out pad! Nolan and Nick were messing around on their phones, goof’n

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14 Computer Tables

Tony’s Eagle Scout Project was today! For the project they made computer tables for the elementary school.
IMG_0220 - Version 2
He had a big turn out. It was a long day, but the boys did a great job.

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Fantasy Football Draft Day

Boys are excited to be in Harrison’s second every Fantasy Football League! It was pretty serious business and I laughed watching them try to out smart each other! Let the NFL season begin!

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Errands for the Scout

Tony is working on his Eagle Scout Project tomorrow and I was sent to Home Depot to get the Stain, nails, and screws.
even took a picture so I wouldn’t buy the wrong stuff.

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I officially have a registered high schooler! Tony and his Buddy, Evan are so excited!

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