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Mindcraft Day

It’s a day of rest and relaxation, playing mindcraft, putting laundry away….just chilling, ahhhhh chilling

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Free Summer Movie

Got ahold of Joe’s buddy, Jacob and took them to the free movie at the local theater. I sat waaaaay far away, bought them the small $1 popcorn and $1 lemonade. And we watched
paranorman. They had a great time, and I felt like a good Momma….after we went to the beach and then home to play some video games!

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Concert in the Park

We went to the new civic center to watch a Bruce Springsteen cover band last night for Sunday Night Dinner. Hubba made his famous chicken tenders, watermelon, and music.
Fun was had by all!

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To the beach, sun or not!

It was a grey day but hey it’s July and we need some family time at the beach, and it was so! A little boogieboarding, a little football, and little salty air, all is well!!

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Handled well

Joe’s tooth came out AND he was Camper of the Day at soccer camp. The stud had blood all over the place and as I walked up to pick him up I was in full panic mode. He quickly said my tooth and shoved the dull white tooth in my face, happy as a calm, he was!!

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Last day of Clinics

Today was Tony’s last day of football and volleyball clinics put on by the high school. Joe and I picked him up after Joe’s soccer camp. Joe snuck up on the beach to get a picture…
He didn’t want to scare off the deer, I mean volleyball players, so he didn’t want to get too close. Tony looked like he was having a great time!
After he went to Ruby’s for a mint chocolate chip milkshake to celebrate his double clinic summer! From June 24th to this very day!!

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Tackle Football

Nick’s first week of Football practice. He is loving it! Tired, but loving it!

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Soccer Camp

Joe is in a soccer camp this week and because he can be opinionated when it comes to the sports he wants to participate in, I didn’t share until it was time to go. Handed the dude his guards and cleats and said, “let’s go, we don’t want to be late for camp.” And he hurried and got ready without fuss….some days I feel like girl genius!!

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Pool Day with Friends

We only get to see Harrison and his Fam a few more times before their big summer trip to Wisconsin so on this hot, hot day we headed over for some marco polo action!

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Screening of Joe’s Short

We all went to the apple store to watch the premiere of the movie Joe created. We saw a lot of movies, we wiggled in our seats, and finally Joe’s was up, I think he was pretty proud of it! Then Nick, Hubba and Tony went to help out with an Eagle Scout project and I got to go home with the director, producer of a fine piece of cinema!


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