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Hamster Found

Hubba saw Humphrey peek out from behind the couch late this evening and in keystone cop fashion, he and Uncle Jimmy chased the booger around for a humorous show that went from the living room to the dining room with much ado about a loose hamster. Good times.

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The sun was a-blazing at 8am and even though it was a weekend, made for beach-going inlanders, we braved the seashore.
About an hour after we arrived, so like 10:30am, the weather started to change…a marine layer and breeze chilled us, then an inlander didn’t have their umbrella secure and as Tony was walking by it pelted him in the temple. Nice. About 3 more Large canopies became airborn…we stayed another hour(because it’s hard to get Nick out of the ocean once he goes in). We came home to a cool breezy day, ahhhhhh.

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true blue avoidance

I found a new app, in other news we have a missing hamster….they are related because Joe and I were supposed to be looking for the escapee but instead we snuck into my room and played with my new app. I know, I know I’m the adult and this is seriously some terrible focusing issue but, I don’t want to have to pick up the rougue hamster once I find him, and really they sleep all day so I’ll look tonight!

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sleepover, almost

After Guards we hung out at our house for a bit then I went to Audrey’s(Harrisons’ Sister) performance at the Church down the street then they came and picked up Nick for a sleepover. He called about 10pm saying he was so exhausted that he wanted to sleep in his own bed. They went in the pool, had an icee, and watched pirates of the caribbean before he got too pooped to pop!

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completion of camp one

Well Joe is signed up for six camps this summer and he has the first one under his belt, that being flag football. His team was called the Pink Pandas and his coaches were James and Jacob. He was camper of the day on Thursday and received lemonheads(wooohooo). Today was a scrimmage and he pretty pooped sooo he got to get a little bit of snowcone for all his flag football work!

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Our Garden First

OK we had some snap peas but too few to mention so I introduce you to the first veggie of the summer. A cute lil cherry tomato handsomely displayed be the third of three, Mr. Joe, who found the garden first, today!

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Summer Fun

I can’t believe Nick and Harrison want to swim after guards. Yesterday they just sat around, today they wanted to swim again. Six hours at the beach is a long time, I’m super impressed.
Today they spent a lot of time in the Jacuzzi “resting their muscles” too funny. Audrey was at a friends house so it was just dudes 🙂

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Freshman Football

Tony started freshman football summer clinic practice yesterday, the coach liked how coachable he was and invited him to play in the passing league as one of the players was out. So after practice today he played in 3 passing league games. They won and he had a lot of fun.

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First day of Guards for Nick and his Buddy Harrison. They were a bit nervous but mostly excited. The summer schedule is harder because I’m constantly in the car driving but no homework is a DREAM, and totally worth it!

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After Guards, after St Andrews for Audrey, after flag football camp for Joe…everyone went to the pool for an hour and a half to chill. What a great first day of summer!

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