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Just because

I love ten year olds, they are so funny and sweet. The last age of childhood kindness. I love it. I caught this one with lots of sweetness this very day:)

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Track Finals

And it’s official Track is over Tony didn’t qualify for the 800 but he ran in the 1600. He looked good, and enjoyed it mucho!

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Parade of Nations and a Bday

First a parade of Nations to start off the morning right, Joe Fiji, Nick India(nice skirt Nick 🙂
After the parade of Nations we went to The Local Place to get Hubba’s favorite Birthday cake. We also store at Marukai and bought some teachers gifts. Not a very exciting 40th birthday….but we aren’t very exciting people!

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Tony’s last week of track. I think it might be his last track week ever. He plans on playing football and volleyball in High School which leaves no time for track. The meets are pretty fun, always so much going on.

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No camp for Tony

Tony had volleyball practice all weekend so he couldn’t go to Camp Pendleton with the Posse. Instead he hung out with his dear o’mom. I drove him around, gave him his space at home and we enjoyed dinner together…
I made him order, make small talk with the waiter, and made him pay….ya gotta learn how important it is to be kind to people who work SUPER hard.

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More Camp

The beginning of the Flag burning ceremony…Joe is reading where, when, and how the flag served the community. A way to honor it before it’s burnt.

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Camp Pendleton Campout

The Cub Scouts have a Camp Pendleton Memorial Day Campout every year. I think this year will be our Families last as Joe crosses over next year. Hubba says it’s like Lord of the Flies and Joe is the leader.
Nick hung out with the Boy Scouts and they even took a merit badge class while they were there!

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4th grade art

We did a scratch art project with the theme of what we want to do on our summer vacation. The kiddos were enthusiastically sharing with each other ideas and working together, chatting and laughing. I hope they had a fun year…

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6th Grade Art

6th grade art went well today, the kiddos made some crazy birds with super long legs. I have a picture on my phone I must download to share.

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Track Meet

Tony had a track meet yesterday, but I was at the school with the talent show kiddos so I missed out. Hubba sent pix.

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