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finally finished Harry Potter

Joe has been reading Harry Potter and the sorcerer stone since mid February and today he tested on it at school. It’s a long book for a dude who finds reading tolerable but not terribly fulfilling.

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Pinewood derby/volleyball/fingerprints

and the winner is….Mr Joe!
I got to saw Joe win his Den but not the whole thing, I had to take Tony to volleyball. Nick and Joe went with Harrison to tryout for swim, but it was yesterday…they came back and helped with the pinewood derby then I took Harrison, Nick, picked up Tony from volleyball and took them all to a fingerprinting merit badge class. Raced over to the pinewood derby then back over to pick up the boys from the merit badge class.

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A tournament today for Tony, that means out the door by 6am. First games then some reffing.

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Art in 6th

We did a funky art project a few weeks back and I never got around to posting it until today. Better late than never right!

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nothing could be finer than catching my boy quietly, reading in his classroom….a thing of beauty really! So I was on campus taking pictures of new students who needed to be added to the yearbook and I peeked in on my lil angel….the best I say, just the best

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open house and practice

Tonight was open house at the middle school. Tony was too busy first with football practice and then with homework so I went with Harrison and Nick. I think they got a little excited, I took a picture of Tony’s science board, the boys cruised around on their own…I chatted with some moms all was good 🙂

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High School Overload

Hubba and Tony went to an orientation last night at the high school and I stayed up until 11:30 trying to figure it all out. Pathways, what? I’m supposed to help my kid decide the rest of his life in the 8th grade….whaaat? The good news is, two smart women called seeking help from me who were equally confused. It felt good to be confused with company! I didn’t go because Joe has had a butt-load of homework—read around the genre, Mission Report, and some other thing that I have spaced on… he isn’t a mulit-tasker yet so I hooked him up by sitting by his side.

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We ended up with an extra page in the yearbook sooo we ended up doing a collage page.
Took a picture of the football boys:)

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First Communion

First Communion today, Hooray! Nick and Joe were pretty excited dressed up and ready to go. Auntie, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Chris, Andrea, Mom and Dad were there to cheer them on! After we went to Joe’s Crab Shack for grub.

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Yearbook and V-games

Kiddos played video games more than they should have and I worked on the yearbook. It’s due in about three weeks so it’s kinda crunch time.

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