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Mighty Ducks Field trip

Mighty Ducks field tripIMG_0407
Joe was beyond excited that his DAD was going on the field trip with him. He had me pack both of them a lunch with a chocolate chip cookie. He reminded Hubba that the teacher said it might be a little cold. Hubba came home and said it was pretty impressive. They had activities both inside and out which kept the kiddos busy! Hubba you made Joe’s Day!!

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Earthquake simulation project

I went in to the Elementary school today to take pictures of the Special Day Class and the Science Class for the yearbook. Nick’s 6th grade class was working on an earthquake simulation project. They had to build and test their structure to make sure it could stand up to an earthquake. Nick’s team tied for first place(big smile).
eearthquake simulation project

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“Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life.” ~Author Unknown

Well Monday happened. I guess I’m gonna roll with it. Joe has swim-check, I have to plan to go into the special day class at the elementary school and take pictures for the yearbook, also have to take pictures of science class for the same reason—look for spring art ideas in my creative files…plan dinner, laundry still refuses to do itself…

to do today

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Ski Week is over

Well I cracked open the backpacks today…I found week old bread crust in two and smelly gym clothes in another. Starting up after a week of nothingness ain’t an easy chore. I don’t wanna do homework (and yelling, I mean.. gently suggesting IS homework), I don’s wanna try and get the teenager out of his bed in the morning. When is spring break? Soon I hope!!
Ski Week
(didn’t make this picture, found it somewhere!)

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Power Point Project

I started fiddling in power point, got sucked in and ended up sending some hours at the computer. I’m not sure what you are supposed to use power point for, but I tell you what, It sure is fun 🙂 ….of corse anything with an undo button is fun to me!! The yearbook ads are due soon so I started making some samples to put on the secretaries desk as school. I picked random kiddos who’s Mommas I thought would get a kick out of seeing their kiddos when they signed into volunteering at the school…a few asked If that could be there kiddos ad! Made me happy, I Love making other people happy….best feeling ever!!

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Well we got back from our trip late, late, late..woke up like a family of sloths, all except Tony who was-a giggling his but off over an issue of Mad Magazine. I think I was introduced to the magazine in 4th or 5th grade and a lot of the humor went right over my head. I loved the pictures. Tony got this subscription last year on his Birthday from Uncle Jimmy. He is the perfect age…tears of “getting it” and laughs galore!
Mad Mag

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Psycho Donuts

Before the loooong drive home we made one last pit stop at Psycho Donuts. I had seen a groupon for it before we left but I didn’t purchase it because I didn’t know if we would have time to stop. We did. The kids loved it!
Nick tried out the padded room the size of a phone booth, Joe went straight over to the donut case, and Tony went to the display of pins to read the sayings on the front.
We walked out with 3 pins, a sticky monkey, the dirty turtle, glazed and confused, and a marla. All in good spirits we headed south for 8 hours on the 101 until we reach home-sweet-home!

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