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Sick & Dizzy

Wowzers this one got me good. I slept in until 11:00am, moved to the couch and watched the food network with absolutely no appetite. Hubba saved the day, got kiddos everywhere they needed to be. I slept on and off. cancelled art today in nick’s class….a sad day…


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Nick had play practice, I had a PTA meeting and a district meeting, then I put flyers in the school office for the yearbook ads that parents can purchase for their kiddos in the back of the yearbook. Joe was a wee sick at the beginning of this week and I’m feeling a tickle in my throat, noooooo. Nick had a growth in development class yesterday at school….not a peep was mentioned about it…hmmm, thought he’d come home with an interesting fact at least.

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More than usual

I shall be at school more than usual getting yearbook stuff done. Today I went into science and took pictures of third graders studying crawfish, student council, and a 5th grade class

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Missing Bunny Poster

So we didn’t give too much information on our poster as to not attract a bunny thief! We handed these bad dogs out today on our block and one block up, a few on stop signs. With in a couple hours we got a call from some new neighbors who were missing the cute lil fella. We let them know their bunny was nothing but a gentlemen at his sleepover at our house, had some lettuce, water, a carrot and slept.

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Bunny Found

Joe,Nick, and Beag went down to the french bakery to buy a loaf of bread for dinner when the stumbled upon a lost bunny. We asked a few neighbors who had kids…no missing bunnies. Tomorrow we shall make signs. We fed the little critter some lettuce and apples. Buy the time Nick and Joe went back to get the bread, they were closed…no good deed goes unpunished! Looks like Sunday dinner will be eaten out 🙂

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Nick mentioned last week when our house got TP’d that he had never been, so when he got invited to a friends house overnight I asked if they wanted to TP a slumber party. They were in! They google mapped the house, made plans on how to TP without getting caught, placement and the escape route. And we went. We ended up doing 5 houses! They had a great time.

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4th grade class display art

We are starting to Valentine’s Day up the room. Next week we will start on gifts for the parents, this week…just some classroom decorations.

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