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Cross country meet

Tony’s first meet of the season. He was the second to come in from his school 10th over all. I really enjoy watching cross country. If I was picking, it would be the sport I would want Tony to do in the fall at High School…he’s thinking football.

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Superbowl Food Planning Meeting

So Tony, Chris, and Chuck got together at Chuck’s house to discuss the menu for game day. That tickled me so, the men getting together to plan….when Hubba got home I got the news that I’m in charge of the apple pie, Hubba is in charge of lil smokies wrapped in a croissant and I didn’t ask about anyone else. Much easier than usual. Auntie offered to make some oatmeal cookies(yum).


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Welcome to the family

We have two new bouncing baby boy hamsters Humphrey and Carlos Spicey-Weiner.
Joe’s friend Luke got a hamster for Christmas, a few days later it had 7 hamsters! We have welcome two of those as our own!

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Volleyball Tournament

Tony had his first club volleyball tournament. It looked pretty darn cool. It was Saturday, all day long. Hubba was pretty darn impressed with the set up. The team is new and cautious, hubba said time will help—forever the optimist(love that)
photo volley
I was sick and didn’t go but I got text updates like crazy(thanks hubba)

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still coughing

I’m starting to feel better but I’m still coughing, this thing knocked me out! Now Joe is starting to look icky again!!

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Hubba was at Volleyball with Tony so I, dizzy and all took Joe to his final Basketball game. His favorite part of basketball is making people laugh. That isn’t a part of basketball you say? I say that’s what benchwarmers are for…comic relief! He had fun on the court, says he hates basketball, que sera, sera…

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more of nothing

Thank goodness for video games on friday, Hubba doesn’t feel good, and I still feel like poo. Joe has a nasty cough, Tony a runny nose, and Nick…healthy as a horse.

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Sick & Dizzy

Wowzers this one got me good. I slept in until 11:00am, moved to the couch and watched the food network with absolutely no appetite. Hubba saved the day, got kiddos everywhere they needed to be. I slept on and off. cancelled art today in nick’s class….a sad day…

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Nick had play practice, I had a PTA meeting and a district meeting, then I put flyers in the school office for the yearbook ads that parents can purchase for their kiddos in the back of the yearbook. Joe was a wee sick at the beginning of this week and I’m feeling a tickle in my throat, noooooo. Nick had a growth in development class yesterday at school….not a peep was mentioned about it…hmmm, thought he’d come home with an interesting fact at least.

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More than usual

I shall be at school more than usual getting yearbook stuff done. Today I went into science and took pictures of third graders studying crawfish, student council, and a 5th grade class

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