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Cowboy Casino Night

Hubba is the dealer for Cowboy Casino Night at our house. We played twenty-one and roulette. Joe won the evening for the littles and I won for the grown-ups. The evening winner gets a $25 dollar gift certificate to Amazon. Nana decided Nick should win too so I was stripped of my Gift Card but not of my title! Victory was mine 🙂
WE had pulled pork sandwiches, Potato salad, and chili. …a cowboy feast!

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Eagle Scout Project

Yesterday and Today the boys helped out with an Eagle Scouts project. Yesterday it was pouring but that worked through it! I was sending annoying text like “are you dry?” to my poor, wet husband. Today wasn’t as bad(no rain) still muddy. The young man in charge of the project goes to a private school out of state so he had to get it done over Christmas break.

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Need some shells

After Christmas the house looks naked so I started looking around for things to cloth the walls with….found frames in the hall closets, cotton batting and potato stack material from a craft project last year at school, sea shells and rocks the boys have given me over the years. A plan was percolating in the old noggin’. I had great sea shells, but just not enough soooo yesterday when the boys got back from Bass Pro, I rallied the troops, looked online for low tide, and set my course to the beach. I shall make the house feel less Naked, I just know it!

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Bass Pro

If you give a man gift cards to bass Pro he will probably go very soon after Christmas. And when a man goes to Bass Pro he is probably going to need to eat at the restaurant in Bass Pro. While he’s in the restaurant he will probably take pictures and send them to the Momma bear who is looking at the naked house trying to figure out how to decorate it with no money.

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The Hobbit

Tony read the Hobbit for an extra credit assignment at school and he enjoyed the book. Now that was why they went to see it the first time…Hubba enjoyed the movie more that he expected he would sooo when they decided to go to the movies with Uncle Jimmy, it was to see The Hobbit again! We didn’t get to see Uncle Jimmy on Christmas, he was with Aunts and Cousins sooo We kidnapped him a couples days after for Dinner and a Movie

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The day after

The video games have been tested out, Tony got some parts to fix an old computer and he’s been tinkering. I have started taking down the Christmas decorations. I don’t like to let Christmas linger after the big day. It’s time to look forward to a brand new bouncing baby year!

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Christmas Day

The boys are getting older and sleeping in just a bit(wooohoo) We were up and ready to have a gander at Santa gifts at about 8:30. I love taking a picture before they see what they got…the moments of possibilities on Christmas morning!
Opening presents is one big blur…Nick got a phone from Santa and he’s thrilled to the bone. Joe got an xbox over the moon, Tony installed it for him immediately, and Tony got a gun. Other favorites were Duck Dynasty drinking cups, the electric scooter Nana gave the boys to share, an nfl chess set, and legos.

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