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Joe wants an anteater for Christmas! He saw one at the zoo and decided he wanted to add it to his amazon list! Joe also has a scream/squawk conversation with a parrot for about 5 minutes. Nick and I sat on a park bench and watched everyone’s reaction to the unique friendship….
We sat and watched a presentation on animals that recycle. Nick touched and huge snake!
It was a good day. Tony and Hubba stayed home to get some stuff done. We came back and Tony had put all the lights up, Hubba was working hard in the workshop, a very good day.


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I’m thankful for my potato peelers and for a beautiful apple pie. I’m thankful for Joe setting the table and I’m thankful that Hubba cleaned the dishes. I’m thankful for Tony’s adolescent jokes and for Auntie’s company.
The apples looked soooo good sprinkled with cinnamon&sugar I just had to take a picture before I put the top on!

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sharing some apple pie

I took Mrs. Johnson and her Mom a homemade apple pie and some icecream today. Mrs. Johnson’s Mom broke her leg four weeks ago. I remember how depressed I got when I tore all the ligaments in my knee and was wheelchair bond. I shared my story hoping it would help, I’m walking now, but it was a long dark journey. My main message was dark is normal and then one day it gets lighter, and a little lighter everyday after that! I hope the apple pie helped:)

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Did a couple art projects in Joe’s class, a napkin ring out of paper and a thank you card for the hostess of Thanksgiving this year. The kiddos sure a cute. One of the girls came up with a poem to put in her card “mashes potatoes are white, shoot I forgot how it goes, I took pictures with my cell, I’ll post it later!

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Plan B in full swing

We were planning on heading up north and hanging out with Tony’s family for Thanksgiving, but Hubba got some last minutes jobs, soooo Auntie and I are shopping for Thanksgiving dinner today. I pulled out some old recipes and added some new. Hubba makes me feel like a 1,000 bucks by telling me over and over again how much he likes my apple pie. And that makes me smile, makes shopping easier, too! Thanks Hubba

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Hubba made Fajitas

I didn’t take a picture but I found one online! Hubba declared fajita night, and it was so! Everyone loves fajita night, a Sunday Night Dinner favorite. The boys are starting to ask to updated their Amazon list…must be getting close to a holiday or something.

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Joe, Nick, and Hubba went to a neighborhood football party. All the boys on both Nick’s flag football team and Joe’s were invited. The hostess should be given a trophy, I can’t imagine having that much crazy at my house! They had a blast. The kids went to the park and played a little football, watched a little usc v ucla, then played some more football. Mostly SC fans in our hood, Hubba said maybe two ucla fans at the party….made for good jabs….

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