cabrillo marine aquarium

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The school district is so smart they plan a teacher in-service day after halloween. Soooo we took advantage and went to the aquarium! I wonder if the feeling I get watching my kids learn something new is the same feeling ultra competitive parents feel when their kids win a sporting event, hmmmm, just a thought that ran through my head as I was positively glowing over Nick looking at a moray eel with the docent. Nick was totally in his element, Joe fast and furious as with everything he does, and Tony was too cool to look at anything.

We learned that a fisherman brought in a octopus they found about a mile from shore that was normally found in more tropical oceans. It has survived three weeks so far and had babies. We learned about the egg casing and that it takes the shark a year to hatch….this aquarium shares the hatched sharks with other aquariums. Sea stars see the world in shades of gray…and much, much, more…

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