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Penguins in 4th grade today we did some symmetry penguins, and some paper piecing penguins to decorate the room for the holidays. It was fun, and the kids did a great job. The flag football championship games were rained out tonight soooo they will be rescheduled for next week.

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We made nutcrackers today in 6th grade just to liven up the room for the holidays, next week we will start on the gifts for moms & dads

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Flag Football Playoffs

Last Night Nick and Joe both won and now they are both in the championship games. 1st or 2nd place, amazing! It’s been a fun season. The 4th graders are getting a lot better. And the big attitudes on Nick’s team have started realizing that it’s a team sport!

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Art Museum Field Trip

They said you had to dress nice for the field trip to the art museum so Joe wore a nice shirt Auntie made him last year, church pants and shoes….snappy, that’s what I’s call him, snappy!

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Practice & Lights

Joe had both Basketball and Flag Football practice and he was a trooper during both! I was amazed at his can-do attitude. I think he was just excited to get back to school, the swing of his regular week! I love that lil dude!
Nick helped Tony put the lights on the Christmas Tree, lil horsing around…little helping, more horsing repeat

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Hubba has been working like crazy sanding the post and the what-not for the boys new beds he’s building. I can’t wait to see it when it’s complete!

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Picking the Tree for Me!

We are a house of strong opinion and Christmas Tree picking has become more difficult…lots of heated debates!
As you can see in this picture, this isn’t the one Joe liked the best and this isn’t the one we picked!

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Joe wants an anteater for Christmas! He saw one at the zoo and decided he wanted to add it to his amazon list! Joe also has a scream/squawk conversation with a parrot for about 5 minutes. Nick and I sat on a park bench and watched everyone’s reaction to the unique friendship….
We sat and watched a presentation on animals that recycle. Nick touched and huge snake!
It was a good day. Tony and Hubba stayed home to get some stuff done. We came back and Tony had put all the lights up, Hubba was working hard in the workshop, a very good day.

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I’m thankful for my potato peelers and for a beautiful apple pie. I’m thankful for Joe setting the table and I’m thankful that Hubba cleaned the dishes. I’m thankful for Tony’s adolescent jokes and for Auntie’s company.
The apples looked soooo good sprinkled with cinnamon&sugar I just had to take a picture before I put the top on!

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sharing some apple pie

I took Mrs. Johnson and her Mom a homemade apple pie and some icecream today. Mrs. Johnson’s Mom broke her leg four weeks ago. I remember how depressed I got when I tore all the ligaments in my knee and was wheelchair bond. I shared my story hoping it would help, I’m walking now, but it was a long dark journey. My main message was dark is normal and then one day it gets lighter, and a little lighter everyday after that! I hope the apple pie helped:)

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