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Game & Science

Tony had a volleyball game yesterday and he played really well. He still smiles when he plays every game.

and today he turned in and did an oral presentation on his science board

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Bike Rodeo

Took pictures today for the school yearbook. Nick and Joe had a marvie time, Harrison joined in the rodeo fun!

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Miguel’s Jr.

Thanks Miguel’s Jr. for offering free food while to are training your employees. I was pooped today from running around town and it sure was nice to not have to cook! Everyone loved their food. Uncle Chris joined us. The burritos are huge. Everyone had an adult meal except Joe and not one complaint!

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An Email can make me smile

Whenever Joe takes a reading quiz I get an email and it sure does make me smile. Joe loves the Humphrey series. He read this first one at the end of last year and he’s currently on his third.

Dear Julie,

Joe took an Accelerated Reader Reading Practice Quiz today.

Title: Adventure According to Humphrey
Author: Betty G. Birney
Score: 100%
Points: 4.0

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Ground beef Tostadas

Sunday Night Dinner with Nana, Uncle Jimmy, and Auntie. The weather is still warm enough to eat out on the patio. Sure is nice to still be outside this close to November!

We had make your own tostadas, chips & salsa, beans and rice….peanut butter cookies for dessert

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Joe Basketball

Joe had a great basketball game, he played all four quarters and had a whole lot of ball time, I love the smile when he plays.

Nick and Tony went to a Merit badge day. Nick took two classes: leather-working and chess, Tony took Chess and robotics.

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Owl Art

We statred it last week and finished this week! Cardstock, yarn, pencil, hand drawn owl, glue, aluminum foil, and shoe polish. They turned out awesome! Two football games tonight. Tony went and hung out with Evan. Joe went to the High School football game after his game with Troy, Charlie, and Luke…it was a very good day.

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