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Trick or Treat

We had dinner and headed out! Auntie handed out candy at our house, The Greil’s came with us and the White’s for a bit, Uncle Chris, Nana, and Uncle Jimmy too! So much fun. Tony went out on his own with some buddies. All was well. Little Joe G. is 2 and he said thanks you a million times as he walked away from the doors…just melted my heart! Joe was all business and Nick yelled Happy Easter to all! We ran into a teenager wearing a carrot and Nick chased him around a car four times while we all laughed it up! Joe was a spy, and Tony was a candy man…

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Happy Halloween

I did a quick little craft with Joe’s class and then came home and started preparing for an evening of fun! The boys came home from school and bobbed for apples, ate donuts without using their hands(and the dogs did too) Now it’s time to prepare for the walk…

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