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Surf Dogs

This just cracks me up. It was 10 when we got to Dog Beach to watch the surf dogs and it was hotter than a flea on fire! The dogs surfing just tickled me. We didn’t stay long, Nick went to a friends house for a football watching party. Joe was dressed to impress at the dog surfing competition, the boy kills me!

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Oak Glen Apple Picking

cider donuts, tomahawk throwing, knife throwing, archery, and the apple picking, wowzers…it’s the best. We even stumbled onto a scottish festival at one of our favorite orchards…the bagpipes were a-going…..color me impressed!!

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Art and Football

We made fall trees in Joe’s class. Fun.

and then it was time for football!

Sure is a fun sport to watch!

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In 6th grade art we talked about lettering and personalities. I had some sample books of lettering to get their creativity flowing and then I had them write their name on an index card, going to scan it and turn it into fabric!

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Football, volleyball, caveman

Joe’s at football practice, Tony is at volleyball practice and Nick is practicing a skit for a school project in which they have to act out a scene from a caveman’s life.

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New Baby

I met a new baby today! Wooohooo. Born on Sunday. Soooo amazing, a sweet little girl name Caroline. Nick’s friend Harrison’s new baby sister. A week early! I do believe a new baby is magic every time I see one!

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Hubba and Nick are very happy when Sunday gets here! Lots of football watching…Joe is on Lego’s and Tony on homework. So very nice!

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