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Here they come

The campsites started filling up pretty darn fast today, it’s amazing how crowded in gets on the weekends. Today we started with a swim and then we grocery shopped, went to Target, Casa de Pico, Toys R Us(Tony got nerf-Joe halo mega blocks-Nick lasso golf game), and came back to campland to see the Hawaiian dancers.

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We arrived at Campland just in time to in join on the flag football game. Nick and Joe helped set up the tent. Tony help set up the table and bedding, then it was football playing time!

After that we did a yelp search for a new favorite dining destination and came up with Phil’s BBQ, prices were great, food too! All were Happy.

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Teacher Supplies

Delivering Teacher supplies to the boys school, advil, dry erase markers, sharpies, tissue, paper towels, air fresheners, stapler, paper and more. It cost so darn much to start the year off we always try to help out!

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Another day at 32nd st. this Tony had a couple buddies, and a couple girls from Nick’s class last year were floating around. It was funny to watch them…and Nick having No clue how to handle it! A little football with Dad and the day was a beach’n success!

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The pool part two

Well the inflatable pool was open this morning with some old friends! They had a blast, then they shot over to the end of the block trying to get people to feel zoombie brain in an amazon box for twenty-five cents!

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For Christmas Tony had on his amazon list an inflatable pool and enough schnemo’s to fill it. Uncle Jimmy couldn’t resist and got it for him. Today was the day the swimming with schnemo came a reality!

late that night we were invaded by neighborhood kids who discovered the pool and took a few!

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Took the boys to the Y today and didn’t bring the camera(gasp) I was reading

and wanted to dive into my book so bad, I just plum forgot my camera.

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In the Twenties

Tony we were between the late twenty lifeguards. It was sooo cool and breezy. marvelous! Tony was using his boggie board as a skim board, he got out of the waves early and went for a run. Nick and Joe were having a great time falling backwards into the whitewater. We watched the sunset and headed for home, a great summer day!

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Mom in lego

O.K. on the way back from swimming Joe whipped up a portrait of me in Lego’s….and with a bra on(lego mom needs a shirt to please! Dude…hilarious…

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Gotta move your body….one more day after today of the basketball clinic the boys have been doing this week. It’s a great intro to basketball…

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