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29 Postcards

Joe Has Received 29 postcards from Geologists all over the country as of this very day! It makes going to the mailbox a real treat!

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imovie class at the Mac Store

A friend called and said their daughter couldn’t use the free Mac Class she signed up for and asked if Nick wanted it…..HECK YA! Nick had a blast today! Such a positive experience and Nick updated his wish list to include tons of Mac products when he got home!

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Y w/Dad

The Boys were super excited that after holding my hand in the lawn chairs beside the pool FOREVER, he went in the water to play. Nothing beats boys hanging out with their Daddy-i-o! Foam dice hanging out in the car turned into the perfect game of keep-a-way in the water!

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Adventure Playground

A special little summer treat. This place is a real “let a kid be a kid” kinda place and my kiddos ALWAYS have fun here! He save a pair of thrashed shoes for this event and they slide, raft, build, and laugh! Hot Diggity Dog!

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The OC Fair

After Nick and Joe got out of Soccer Camp we headed over to the fair for some afternoon fair fun! Tony went when the park opened with a friend and we met up with him there. We saw the acrobats, the pig races(Joe voted-by hoot and hollering-for the pig named Bob), the farm animals, the carnival of new products, the buildings filled with prize winning entries, the kid zone, and cinnamon rolls(yum).

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20 minutes a day

I have been listening to the boys read aloud twenty minutes a day to keep the clogs in their brains from getting stuck on doing too much nothing! It’s been painful, they complain and yet it happens anyway….some days it feels like a very ungrateful job with my only payment being whining, gassy boys! Boy, if I made the welcome to motherhood brochure today people would stop making babies!

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Auntie’s Pool

Joe went to his buddy Matthew’s house, then we went to soccer camp, then we headed to Auntie’s pool. In the hottest part of the day the pool felt sooo cool(yep, I stuck my toes right in). Auntie supplied a snack of ice cold grapes, so sweet. A very special treat.
…Later we went and saw Brave–it was cute. It’s nice that Joe’s still young enough that we can get away with going to those type of movies without eye rolling. Tony and Nick have friends that are trying to grow-up WAY too fast!

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