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Skeet Shooting

Tony went skeet shooting for his 14th birthday “friend party”. He and one friend got to go…they had a great time! After they went to Bass Pro Shop and had a double bacon cheese burger!

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Fair Entry

Tony chose to do a cell phone generated picture for his photography fair entry…

He takes the funniest pictures of Boomer on his phone! He took this picture this very day!

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Last Day of Football Camp

Nick and Joe were in a week long sports camp and today was the final day. Joe was camper of the week on Wednesday for his Team (the crushers), with coach Gino leading the way! Nick was camper of the week today for his team (the flaming Eagles), with Coach Mark! They moaned about going and then smiled when they were there!

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Nick is entering his Ice cube tray collection at the fait this year, we needed a picture to show the judges his whole collection then he gets to pick ten of his favorites to show at the fair!

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50 Postcards

Joe sent out his postcards today to 50 geologists across the country in hope to get the postcards back. Nick and Tony both did this project over the summer as well. Tony sent his cards to firemen and Nick to sheriffs….

And here is a link to Joe’s Site

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Pacific Marine Mammal Center

The Docent shared that the reason most of the animals end up here is malnutrition. The average stay is 3months and they release them back to the wild. The Docent shared that they teach them how to catch fish before they release them, and I giggled in my head picturing a seal lion and an elephant seal with a fishing pole sharing a bait bucket! Oh, I don’t get out much!

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Speed up and slow down

I want my Pumpkins to speed up and grow big and round….I want my boys to slow down, and play with bugs and watch cartoons and be innocent lil farts. This time of year can make a girl a wee

Hubba put together the BBQ Uncle Jimmy gave him for his birthday and we had strip steaks that turned out delicious!

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Last Day Pool Fun

After the last day of school we went to Auntie’s pool and played awhile, then to Tonys friend’s house for a party and then to Pizza with Nick’s friend! A busy day that turned into a sleepover for Tony at our house and his two friends who slept outside in a tent! They woke up to a mound of pancakes made by Hubba. Then they hung out, played video games, and then they went back to the beach for a few hours! The fun never ends some days.

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Had a blast this school year

Joe had a good year. He made a couple new friends and had a real good time with a couple old friends too! He liked his teacher and he enjoyed reading!

Good-bye lower grades, it went waaaay to quick!

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Last Day of Middle School

Tony got an invite to go down to the beach after the last day of school. He had a blast, he’s excited to start his summer. Had some females write in his yearbook…and he preferred I didn’t read it, so he showed me the yearbook and took it with him!

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