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Before homework, before self-defense class, the boys played. It was belly-laughing, sharing, cooperating, play. The big farts were nice to the little farts. The little farts were nice to the big ones….and then they branched off and played separately. Just Delightful. Drama-free play is my favorite kind. Nolan walked home with Nick and stayed a couple of hours, Luke arrived about 4 and we dropped him off on the way to self-defense class. Good times.

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Teacher Appreciation Quad Signs

I worked on the signs all day today while my computer worked at snail-like speed! I made one for Joe’s Teacher, one for Nick’s RSP Teacher, luckily Nick’s classroom teacher was taken care of because I think I would have thrown my computer threw the window! The theme was pyramid of sucess….which I honestly think the whole concept is lost on 5 to 10 yr olds(well over half the school!!), anywho…I tried the pyramid thing with Joe’s Teacher….and didn’t with Nicks!!

Hubba was the instructor for an emergency preparedness class for Boys Scouts….it took about three hours and was so draining he forgot about Tony’s Football practice(opps)

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Early morning garage sale to support the Boy Scout Troop. They are holding an item that was donated by a member of the community where the meetings are held. It went pretty well!

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Friday Art

Art in Nick’s Class, we are working on a wreath for Mother’s day…Forgot my camera and my phone so no pictures today, but I’ll get some on Monday! I think they are turning out pretty darn cute!
Three football games tonight and three losses! The boys still had a great time….and that’s what it’s all about!

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I was up until 5:30 in the morning working on the yearbook and then I hopped back on about 8:30. It’s due this very day. Fixing things I didn’t care for, making adjusments, on NO sleep and a head cold…

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Science Fair

Tony received the award for best in class for his science project. The science fair was amazing, everyone had great boards and neat titles…impressive!

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First Limo Ride

Nick was so excited about his very first limo ride. He was invited to a birthday party for a kiddo in his class. I had to stay after school and snap a picture….or two!

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