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Nick went to a sleepover at Harrison’s House….Nick’s favorite scrabble word was toots…(Nice Nick). They through stuffed animals at his sisters cats(because he’s allergic), played a little football, and a new video game! All around a great day.

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San Juan

A Mamma Bear went on the Mission field trip and took photos, then she sent um to me (yooohoooo)

after they got back we did our Friday art lesson—a bugs eye view, drawing bugsize grass and what not!

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homework schedule

Tony has so much going on with school that lately he’s been writing homework schedules–an hourly schedule to get it done.

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lego’s and a Buddy

Joe has been wanting to hang out with his buddy forever so he waited while his buddy finished his running club after school and then they came over and cracked open the Legos! A great day.

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Cross over

Nick crossed over to Boyscouts tonight at cubscouts…a great ceremony. Hubba carved each boy in Nick’s Den an arrow of light trophy that was going to be presented to the boys during the ceremony but another den came to cross over that didn’t have the trophies so they were just given to the boys on the sly!

My pictures were super blurry….luckily a Dad with a bitch’n Canon-7D saved the day and took pictures of the whole event woooohooo!

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Lazy, Rainy, Sunday

Church, Religious education, then home for lunch. The boys messed around on their computers…in between rain showers they went outside and played with their homemade wooden guns. I went grocery shopping, Hubba worked all day on something for cubscouts, ,made dinner, read with each Joe, then Nick, then Tony. We called off Sunday night dinner as there is still a hint of illness in the air. Then it was off to bed for the pooped lil dudes! Lazy….rainy, and totally boring Sunday!

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The first day of spring happened this week and with the sun shining, and all my sons healthy, we went to the home depot and loaded up on stinky cow poop and pretty flowers to spruce up the backyard in anticipation of Easter…only 15 days away!

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Fast paced Friday

Nick called out in the flag ceremony at Special Person’s Day at the boy’s school….I was so proud. He pronounced everything really well, nice and slow~ “Color Guards advance”, then he led in the flag salute…touched my heart…it did…

Took pictures of all the special people at the boys school(Nana and Auntie came and took Nick to lunch after), took pictures of the March Maddness finals for the boys school,

Did an art project with Nicks class (zentangles-is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.). Came home and read with Joe….Nick and Tony both won their Friday Night Lights game, Nick scored an extra point on the final touchdown of the game. Joe didn’t play in his game, stomach still acing up!

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Flu III, the trilogy

Went in early in the AM to label Nick’s classes Artwork for the Art Faire tomorrow…

Joe called from school right before lunch to announce his tummy hurt, threw up five times in three hours. Luckily it doesn’t last long…the bummer, tomorrow is grandparents day and no way no how is he well enough to go….he’s gonna be bummed!

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Flu II, the sequel

Tony threw up last night but felt well enough to go to school today…it was a short day so he was home a little after noon. Man it’s hittig out familia hard. Nick went to school, I took pictures of the school March Maddness basketball tournament at recess(got another picture of Nick playing football at recess).

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