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Sharing V-day treats

Well I haven’t shared what I got for Valentine’s day….I got an origami heart banner from Nick

And Joe asked Hubba if he could make me a wooden heart. He drew it, cut it out as a stencil, copied it on the wood and helped cut it out with a saw.

Tony gave me nothing.
Now what did they get?
Joe got paper clips, a laser pointer, and a 3 inch Hersey’s kiss …Nick got origami paper and a book and a 3 inch Hersey’s kiss…Tony got a laser pointer, an all in one tool,and a 3 inch Hersey’s kiss. All in all, good V-day loot!


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Bunco win

Woo-hoo 4 Buncos! I was thinking of taking the boys to see the terra cotta warriors at the Bower’s Museum….then I started thinking Hubba leaves for the desert, redecorate a wall maybe? We will see…

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That’s right, yesterday was our annual visit to the bowling alley for a game and then some pinball followed by pizza…life is good….forgot camera again on V-day(dude).

We tried zpizza because they had a gluten free crust for Nana and they deliver yipee!
Pretty darn good day…

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Rain-e day hoo-ray

There was a knock on the door and three wet middle schoolers asked Tony if he wanted to go to lunch….off they went, on foot, in the rain Jack, Cole, Michael, and Tony to Subway. They got a ride back from one of the Momma’s I think they were soaked to the bone! They weren’t the only wet rascals…

Nick, Harrison, and Jack also thought outside play was desirable, silly rabbits!

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Valentine’s Day—Love

Started off the morning with heart-shaped cinnamon rolls and strawberries. Nick brought in the Shark he made with Hubba to collect Valentines and Joe brought in a white chocolate carmel apple for his teacher. I had to take a couple of pictures of some kiddos who were absent in Nick’s class so I was able to see Nick, still wearing his heart-shaped glasses!!

Joe added tape to the center of his heart-shaped glasses so they were nerd glasses!
Tony brought in mini skittles without cards to share with friends….he was annoyed that girls were asking for hugs(ahhh the problems of middle schoolers)

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Putting together Valentines

Nick choose the moustache and Joe the Tiki, up late taping on the moustaches and taping the Tiki necklaces….thinking about how excited I was when Valentine’s Day comes around when I was in school.

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Oil Pastel Hearts

Art in the 4/5 combo class. Yesterday we did art hearts for fun.

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