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Look who’s back

My bouncing baby camera needed some loving the week before the talent show. I took it to canon hoping just a cleaning would do…while they were cleaning they found something and said it would take awhile longer. Man it’s tough not having my favorite side-kick close by….today, it’s back….now I just need to remember where I put the battery and the compact flash!

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K1 Speed

Tony and Nick went to K1 speed with the Boy Scouts. Hubba said there were about 40 Boyscouts and the boys had a blast.

Joe and I hung out together, he read his AR book to me, he took a shower, I sat and watch him do his homework, then we watched a cartoon…pleasant!

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The skit Nick was in at the Blue and Gold dinner looked so darn cute but you couldn’t hear them without a microphone. They had a blast on stage.

Joe’s skit was loud as could be! Only two of the five kids showed up but it was still perfect!

It took place in the hills of Italy…
Matthew asked to buy Joe’s Donkey
Joe in a fake italian accent said “he don’t look so good”
Matthew offered Joe more money several times, to which Joe shook his head and said, “he don’t look so good.”
Matthew hands joe some money, gets on the donkey….who crashes into a tree.
Matthew yells at Joe “You sold me a blind Donkey” and Joe says “I tell you, he don’t look so good”
They did a great job! Very funny. At the end Joe said thank you, thank very much…like Elvis!(the ham bone)

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iphone difficulty

Been having phone issues for about a month now(aaargh)…it was affecting my email, too. Technology and I are not having a zen-like moment!

Uncle Jimmy tried to help me with my new phone…he deleted the account and restarted it. It erased all the contacts that the At&t guy was able to retrieve from my old phone, sooooo now I have zippo info on anyone! My computer at home and my phone were not in sync, blah, blah, blah…not fixed and no contacts. If you have a blocked number or if your phone is linked to a city where I don’t think I know anyone….I will not answer(so sorry)

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More painting

Still working on the Buffet table in the dining room. Painting the doors today, crossing my finger that they will be dry enough to hang tomorrow before Sunday Night Dinner.

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Act of Valor

Hubba took the boys to go see this Movie and they LOVED it! wooohooo, ski week!

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First Time on an ATV

The boys had a blast at the Dunes. Nervous at first, then it was some fun. They were riding for about two Hours…after a safety video…they could have done it all day long!

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Los Osos

Spent the day at the beach. Rocks of all shapes and sizes to fill a boys mind with possibilities. Joe found a gave me the heart rock below…it rocked!

Nick found a washed up something something and asked me to photograph

Tony climb and enjoyed the view from very high up!

So darn pretty

After the beach we went to the Madonna for lunch just so the boys could pee in the fountain urinal in the men’s bathroom!

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Monarch Butterfly Grove

The very first thing we did after arriving in Pismo was go to the monarch butterfly grove. It was amazing! It didn’t seem real…no enclosure, just trees with hundreds of fluttering butterflies. I wished I could dream it for all my live long days….just peaceful, beautiful, and amazing!

And the view…smart butterflies

Joe had the right idea

Getting a picture of Tony….getting a picture!

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Taking a wee trip

Taking the boys out of town for ski week and just a hop, skip, and a jump off the freeway, right at the beginning of our journey, was the Tall Mouse Outlet that Was going out of business. What luck! I got some paper made for painting with acrylic for the fourth/fifth combo class and some ric-rac(cause I love me some ric-rac). My luck was even luckier when Hubba got us soooo lost we ended up in Torrence near the King’s Hawaiian Diner(Great cookies and clean bathrooms).
Now we are off to parts different from our own…listening to an audiobook

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