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Happy Dogs

What a beautiful day! Had to get out and enjoy it!

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Practice makes perfect

Both of Joe’s acts had practice yesterday plus he had soccer. He was buzzing around like a busy 3rd grade day! Tony had Cross Country practice (his last week) and Nick had a huge amount of work to do on a summary of a shark book!

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Nick’s new shoes were dropped off by the UPS man today. Nick slipped those babies on the minute he saw them! His school shoes from September had some serious holes in them. He’s been complaining about them for a couple weeks now….ta-da, he loves this brand because it feels just a little bit naughty wearing a grenade to school everyday(my rebel)

And then they ran around the street playing tag and what-not

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Tony and Hubba were at a Merit Badge class most of the afternoon. It was at an indoor shooting range. The safety video was three hours long and then Tony got to shoot! He got to shot a semi-automatic .22,  a scoped semi-automatic .22, a competition .22, and a bolt action .22, his favorite was the plain semi-automatic….at the end of the night, as everyone was finishing, people put their left over ammunition on Tony’s table, so he was thrilled! They  came home to some baked BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. A long fun day!

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The path to awesomeness

“Hey Joe, Come check out my path to awesomeness” who knew a sand berm had anything to do with the path of awesomeness….well Nick did! He and Joe slid down it for a good hour today! Good times.

When the camera was pointed at Joe, he had to jump!

Tony dug himself a little sand room into the berm. added a boogie board roof, and a boogie board door and called it a day.

I tried to capture all the blues in the water today but my camera didn’t pick them up, it was amazing!

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Friday Art

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Tony had a rough experience last spring at Joshua Tree with rock climbing. While he was dangling high above the ground the man in charge screamed at his spotter, “You’re going to kill him.” Tony was majorly shaken up by the event and wouldn’t climb anymore. Today he was a climbing machine, confidence back…a better understanding of the equipment…we talked through the grown-ups inappropriate loss of conrtol…ta-da.

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My camera is on the blink…so I only got a few blurry pictures of one of Joe’s Act and nothing of Nicks..These third graders looked so darn cute, I was smiling ear to ear!

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Jump into Monday ready to go

I little o’rain doesn’t stop this crowd much! Hubba got some Cubscout stuff figured out, cleaned up from this weekends camping trip, I volunteered in Joe’s class, grocery shopped, then went back to school to volunteer some more!

Joe practiced for his Talent Show Act(a cute lil brady bunnch number), Nick stayed afterschool with his Teacher….I stayed a little longer in the library volunteering.

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Christmas Carolers In January

That’s right we had carolers this weekend and luckily I didn’t throw away the extra candy I bought after Christmas that we used to make the gingerbread houses. Each girl got a pack of peppermint sticks! They sang about rudolph and his red nose….the boys piped in with the “like a light bulb”, “like Columbus” “Monopoly”, “hohoho” …..another unexpected treat!

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