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Cowboy Casino Night New Year’s Eve

Uncle Jimmy brought over 2012 glasses and we were ready to celebrate! We had a spinach/artichoke dip appetizer, Santa Maria Style Bbq Tri-tip, baked beans, corn, and potato chips for dinner and cupcake size upside down cakes for dessert. We played rolette and twenty-one (the winners of the $25 gift certificate to Target were Nick in the kid division, and me in the adult).

We finished partying around 9:30 and all went to bed except Tony and I. We stayed up to welcome in the New Year by watching Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve….it was good, very….very, good!

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It’s still december at least!

A little late on gingerbread house decorating….but better late the never! I bought the kits over Thanksgiving break with every intention of getting them done…best intentions….Oh well, Tony mentioned he still wanted to do them, so we did…this very day! Five days after Christmas, a month and a week after I intended to do it….done, but still guilt, guilt, guilt!

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Origami and Shrinky dinks

A productive day! Nick made mucho origami a tulip, dogs, cats, swans, pelicans, penguins, and pigeons! I framed my tulip the minute he gave it to me! While Nick was origami-ing, Joe was shrinky dinking:) We had some fun! Hubba and Tony came in from feeding some cats Tony sat down and shrinky dinked too!



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Irvine regional Park

You know certain places just never fail to amaze. Today we went to Irvine Regional Park and we discovered an area not yet explored by our familia! We parked at P17 and took horseshoe loop to Lone Pine Ridge Trail…we saw so many woodpeckers we renamed it woodpecker island! Dry river bed gave it a island feel! It was a great place to take photographs and explore…so enjoyable. Tony got to climb the rocks he spied across the river bed the last time we were there!

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Newport El

We drove to the pennisula to let the young men run free…they have been inside playing with their new goodies for too long and now they must remember how to play outside. Oh and they did! Nick brought his racket ball racket and a tennis ball, Tony and Joe brought their new mini nerf footballs and together they created a game! It was a hook to watch.

then the lazy bones had to sit

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Christmas is not a fart

and therefore it should not linger….It’s over, here’s the tree(it’s now coming down), had fun o-v-e-r! I can’t stand having to think about putting it away for days on end so, I rip off the Christmas band-aid ASAP!

ahhhhh bring on the normal level of chaos, please as this time of year is c-r-a-z-y.

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Merry Christmas

Santa pulled through and made all the wishes come true…..Uncle Jimmy pulled through and Hubba got a fire holder for the backyard. The boys had a great day. Tony’s favorites were the skull candy sweatshirt, the nano watch holder, and his first real gun, a .22…..he’s thinking he might want to get into competitions. Nicks favs were call of duty, his computer, and an origami book his brother, Joe ¬†gave him. Joe’s favorites were the brick arms legos he asked santa for, the candy in his stocking, his lego police station, and his laser pointer!
We opened presents until 11, then played with them, then dinner with family and my new handbells were played by all…then we opened presents with Auntie and the boys got great new sweaters! It was wonderful!

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My favorite Christmas Eve Day Ever

Went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for Christmas Eve diner first thing in the AM, then we went to the beach.I needed it… relaxing, the pressure melted away. Mean people will be mean and judge whether you put forth all your efforts or not…..this year I chose or not, and spent time with the family. The mean were the same amount of mean as always….wow, an epiphany! The nice were the same amount of nice….we made cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer, Hubba read Twas the night before Christmas, then Jimmy and I went to Midnight Mass…it was good.

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wrapping day two

more prep work, plus a wacking war with the empty wrapping paper tubes in the front yard! Fun for all!

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boxes opened and gifts checked, wrapping paper ready, scissors up….cut, cut, cut….tape, tape, tape….ribbon up and repeat

a day of wrapping from dawn to dusk!

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